Datasheet ISL9200IRZ - Intersil Даташит ИС, SM, зарядное устройство, SAFTY схема

Intersil ISL9200IRZ

Наименование модели: ISL9200IRZ

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Производитель: Intersil

Описание: ИС, SM, зарядное устройство, SAFTY схема

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Data Sheet October 4, 2005 FN9241.0
Charging System Safety Circuit
The ISL9200 is an integrated circuit (IC) optimized to provide a Li-ion battery redundant safety protection from failures of a charging system.

The IC monitors the input voltage, the battery voltage, and the charge current. When any of the three parameters exceeds its limit, the IC turns off an internal P-channel MOSFET to remove the power from the charging system. In addition to the above protected parameters, the IC also monitors its own internal temperature and turns off the P-channel MOSFET when the die temperature exceeds 140°C. Together with the battery charger IC and the protection module in a battery pack, the charging system using the ISL9200 has triple-level protection and is two-fault tolerant. The IC is designed to turn on the internal PFET slowly to avoid inrush current at power-up but will turn off the PFET quickly when input overvoltage is detected, in order to remove the power before any dama


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