Datasheet SJDA065R055 - SemiSouth Даташит JFET, SIC, N-ON, 650 В, 30 А, TO220 — Даташит

SemiSouth SJDA065R055

Наименование модели: SJDA065R055

Подробное описание

Производитель: SemiSouth

Описание: JFET, SIC, N-ON, 650 В, 30 А, TO220

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Silicon Carbide
Normally-On Trench Silicon Carbide Power JFET
Features: - Positive Temperature Coefficient for Ease of Paralleling - Extremely Fast Switching with No "Tail" Current at 150 ° C - RDS(on) max of 0.055 - Voltage Controlled - Low Gate Charge - Low Intrinsic Capacitance


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