Datasheet Vishay T55T476M6R3C0200


Полимерный танталовый конденсатор для поверхностного монтажа


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CAP TANT POLY 47UF 6.3V 1411
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T55 Vishay Polytech vPolyTanTM Solid Tantalum Surface Mount Chip Capacitors, Molded Case, High Performance Polymer Type
FEATURES Ultra-low ESR Molded case available in 5 case codes Terminations: cases J, P, and A: 100 % tin cases B and T: Ni/Pd/Au Compatible with "high volume" automatic pick and place equipment Moisture sensitivity level 3 Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see PERFORMANCE / ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Operating Temperature: -55 °C to +105 °C (above 85 °C, voltage derating is required) Capacitance Range: 3.3 F to 330 F Capacitance Tolerance: ± 20 % Voltage Rating: 2.5 VDC to 10 VDC APPLICATIONS Decoupling, smoothing, filtering Bulk energy storage in wireless cards Infrastructure equipment Storage and networking Computer motherboards Smartphones and tablets ORDERING INFORMATION
T55 TYPE B CASE CODE See Ratings and Case Codes table 156 CAPACITANCE M CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE M = ± 20 % 6R3 DC VOLTAGE RATING AT +85 °C This is expressed in volts. To complete the three-digit block, zeros precede the voltage rating. A decimal point is indicated by an "R" (6R3 = 6.3 V) C TERMINATION / PACKAGING C = lead (Pb)-free solderable coating, 7" reel 0500 ESR This is expressed in picofarads. The first two digits are the significant figures. The third is the number of zeros to follow. Maximum 100 kHz ESR in m DIMENSIONS in inches [millimeters]
J case
Anode indication belt mark L W L P case
Anode indication belt mark W W W H l l a H l l a Revision: 18-Sep-14 Document Number: 40174 1 For technical question...

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