Datasheet Vishay PTN1206E1372BST1

Datasheet Vishay PTN1206E1372BST1

Commercial Thin Film Chip Resistor, Surface Mount Chip


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Цена PTN1206E1372BST1PTN1206E1372BST1 на РадиоЛоцман.Цены
RES 13.7K OHM 0.40W 0.1% 1206
ЭИК37,72 руб.
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PTN Vishay Dale Thin Film Commercial Thin Film Chip Resistor, Surface Mount Chip
FEATURES Actual Size 1505 These chip resistors are available in both "top side" and "wraparound" termination styles in a variety of sizes. They incorporate self passivated, enhanced Tantalum Nitride films, to give superior performance on moisture resistance, voltage coefficient, power handling and resistance stability. The terminations consist of an adhesion layer, a leach resistant nickel barrier, and solder coating. This product will out-perform all requirements of characteristic E of MIL-PRF-55342. Moisture resistant High ...

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Серия: PTN (100 из 825)

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