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Datasheet Linear Technology LT2940CMS#PBF

ПроизводительLinear Technology

Power and Current Monitor


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    LT2940 - Power and Current Monitor
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    Power and Current Monitor
    FEATURES n DESCRIPTION Four-Quadrant Power Measurement
    В±5% Power Measurement Accuracy
    4V to 80V High Side Sense, 100V Max
    Current Mode Power and Current Outputs
    Output Bandwidth Exceeds 500kHz
    В±3% Current Measurement Accuracy
    6V to 80V Supply Range, 100V Max
    Inverting and Noninverting Open-Collector
    Comparator Outputs
    Available in 12-Pin DFN (3mm Г— 3mm) and 12-Lead
    MSOP Packages The LTВ®2940 measures a high side current and a differential voltage, multiplies them and outputs a current
    proportional to instantaneous power. Bidirectional high
    side currents and bipolar voltage differences are correctly
    handled by the four-quadrant multiplier and push-pull
    output stage, which allows the LT2940 to indicate forward
    and reverse power flow.
    An integrated comparator with inverting and noninverting open-collector outputs makes the LT2940 a complete
    power level monitor. In addition, an output current proportional to the sensed high side current allows current
    monitoring. The current mode outputs make scaling,
    п¬Ѓltering and time integration as simple as selecting external resistors and/or capacitors. APPLICATIONS Board Level Power and Current Monitoring
    Line Card and Server Power Monitoring ...


Power and Current Monitor
ЭлитанAnalog DevicesLT2940CMS210 руб.
КремнийLinear TechnologyLT2940CMS TRPBFпо запросу
TradeElectronicsLT2940CMSпо запросу
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Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Код корпусаMS
Индекс корпуса05-08-1668


Demo BoardsDC1495A
Design ToolsLTspice Model
Экспортный контрольнет
Основные особенностиVoltage Monitor, Current Monitor, Power Monitor
I/OComplementary Open Collector Comparator
Isupply3.5 мА
Number of Supplies1
Рабочий диапазон температурот 0 до 70 °C
Vin Range4V to 80V

Экологический статус



  • Скачать » Статьи - LT Journal PDF, 1.3 Мб, Файл опубликован: 30 июн 2010
    Unique Analog Multiplier Continuously Monitors Instantaneous Power and Simplifies Design of Power Control Loops
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    Unique Analog Multiplier Continuously Monitors
    Instantaneous Power and Simplifies Design of
    Power Control Loops
    Mitchell Lee and Thomas DiGiacomo As energy consumption in electronics is increasingly scrutinized, the ability to accurately
    monitor and control power becomes an important part of any system design. To measure
    instantaneous power, one must simultaneously measure current and voltage and multiply
    the results. While traditional analog multiplier ICs can perform continuous multiplication,
    they typically lack the operating range and input sensitivity required for power monitoring
    and control. The high price of the multiplier itself and the necessary additional signal
    conditioning circuits make such a solution costly both in dollars and in board area.
    Digital solutions, on the other hand,
    can provide sensitivity and dynamic
    range, but lack the ability to continuously monitor power. For instance, the
    LTC4151 combines a 7V to 80V operating
    voltage range, a current sense amplifier,
    a MUX, and an I2C interface with a 12-bit
    ADC to measure current and voltage.
    Multiplication is performed in a host
    processor. This makes for an accurate
    power monitoring solution, but the 7.5Hz
    conversion rate of the ADC limits its utility in closed loop applications, where it
    is unable to respond to rapid changes.
    The LT2940 power monitor solves the ...

Модельный ряд

Серия: LT2940 (8)

Классификация производителя

  • Monitor, Control and Protection > Power Monitors

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