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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC2051HVCDD#PBF

ПроизводительLinear Technology

Dual Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers


  • Скачать » Datasheet, PDF, 148 Кб, Версия: D, Файл закачен: 31 июл 2016
    LTC2051/LTC2052 - Dual/Quad Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers
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    Dual/Quad Zero-Drift
    Operational Amplifiers
    в–  DESCRIPTIO Maximum Offset Voltage of 3ОјV
    Maximum Offset Voltage Drift of 30nV/В°C
    Small Footprint, Low Profile MS8/GN16 Packages
    Single Supply Operation: 2.7V to В±5.5V
    Noise: 1.5ОјVP-P (0.01Hz to 10Hz Typ)
    Voltage Gain: 140dB (Typ)
    PSRR: 130dB (Typ) ...


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T-electronLinear TechnologyLTC2051HVCDDпо запросу
LifeElectronicsLinear TechnologyLTC2051HVCDDпо запросу
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Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Корпус3x3 DFN-8
Код корпусаDD
Индекс корпуса05-08-1698


Количество каналов2
Частота единичного усиления GBW3 МГц
Av Min Stable1 V/V
Avol80 дБ
CMRR130 дБ
Cload100 пФ
Design ToolsLTspice Model
Экспортный контрольнет
Ibias0.025 нА
Ios0.00015 мкА
Iout10 мА
Isupply0.85 мА
LF Enoise1.5 µVPP
Рабочий диапазон температурот 0 до 70 °C
PSRR130 дБ
Rail-to-RailIn to V-,Output
Rail-to-Rail Inнет
Rail-to-Rail Outда
SR2 В/мс
Single Supplyда
Ts (0.1%)2000 нс
Voh (from V+)0.02 В
Vol (from V-)0.002 В
Vos0.0005 мВ
Vos TC0.01 мВ/C
Vs макс.11 В
Vs мин.2.7 В

Экологический статус


Другие варианты исполнения

LTC2051 LTC2052 LTC2052HV

Application Notes

  • Скачать » Application Notes - AN96, PDF, 232 Кб, Файл опубликован: 17 янв 2005
    Delta Sigma ADC Bridge Measurement Techniques
    AN96 features several applications that demonstrate how to take full advantage of Linear Technology's delta sigma ADCs when interfacing to sensors. In many cases, signal conditioning can be greatly simplified or eliminated completely. This note explains where it is appropriate to use amplifiers and how to optimize amplifier gain. Also included are discussions on measuring effective number of bits (ENOB) and the relationship to instrument performance, frequency response of delta sigma ADCs, and test techniques. C source code for all of the applications is included to aid firmware development.
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    Application Note 96
    January 2005
    Delta Sigma ADC Bridge Measurement Techniques
    Mark Thoren
    Introduction In a typical 12-bit measurement system, the signal conditioning amplifier requires a very high gain in order to make
    use of the full ADC input range. A sensor with a 10mV fullscale output requires a gain of 500 to use the full input
    range of a typical 5V input ADC. A filter may be required to
    reduce noise at the expense of settling time. Additional
    difficulties arise when dealing with the large common
    mode voltage typical of a bridge sensor. Most instrumentation amplifiers have a large discrepancy between the
    typical CMRR and guaranteed minimum, which may require an additional trim. Sensors for pressure, load, temperature, acceleration and
    many other physical quantities often take the form of a
    Wheatstone bridge. These sensors can be extremely linear
    and stable over time and temperature. However, most
    things in nature are only linear if you don’t bend them too
    much. In the case of a load cell, Hooke’s law states that the
    strain in a material is proportional to the applied stress—
    as long as the stress is nowhere near the material’s yield
    point (the “point of no return” where the material is
    permanently deformed). The consequence is that a load
    cell based on a resistance strain gauge will have a very
    small electrical output—often only a few millivolts. In
    spite of this, instruments with 100,000 counts of resolution and more are possible. This Application Note presents ...


  • Скачать » Статьи - LT Journal, PDF, 3.4 Мб, Файл опубликован: 9 июл 2013
    Low Power, DC Accurate Drivers for 18-Bit ADCs
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    Low Power, DC Accurate Drivers for 18-Bit ADCs
    Guy Hoover A common misconception about 18-bit SAR ADCs is the only way to drive them
    is with a high powered, high speed, low noise op amp or differential driver whose
    DC performance often leaves much to be desired. It is possible to use a low
    power, DC accurate op amp to drive an 18-bit SAR ADC if the input is a DC or low
    bandwidth AC signal and the op amp outputs are given sufficient time to settle.
    Using the single-ended to differential driver of Figure 1, four different low power
    dual op amps were tested to show the trade-offs in using low power drivers.
    This circuit enables the testing of offset voltage, the maximum sample
    rate for DC and AC signals, noise and
    power consumption. The ADC used
    is the LTC2379-18, a 1.6Msps 18-bit
    SAR ADC with an offset of В±9LSBs, INL of
    В±2LSBs and peak-to-peak noise of 5LSBs.
    The four amplifiers used are the
    LT1013, LTC6078, LTC6081 precision and
    LTC2051HV zero-drift dual op amps—
    Table 1 shows a summary of their major
    specs. The circuit supply voltage is the
    voltage applied to the V+ and V– terminals
    of the op amps. This voltage determines
    the power dissipation of the amplifier and
    its maximum signal swing. The voltages ...
  • Скачать » Статьи - LT Journal, PDF, 186 Кб, Файл опубликован: 1 ноя 2000
    Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier Family in Small-Footprint Packages Features 3µV Maximum DC Offset and30nV/°C Maximum Drift
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    DESIGN FEATURES Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier Family
    in Small-Footprint Packages Features
    3ВµV Maximum DC Offset and
    30nV/В°C Maximum Drift
    by David Hutchinson
    Introduction Extended Input
    Common Mode Range
    with Uncompromising CMRR
    At room temperature, and with the
    input common mode level at midsupplies, the parts typically have
    0.5ВµV of input-referred offset and are
    guaranteed to have less than В±3ВµV.
    To ensure this DC accuracy over the
    common mode input range, the
    LTC2050/LTC2051/LTC2052 have 6 exceptionally high CMRR over a wide
    range from the negative supply to
    typically within 0.9V of the positive
    rail, as shown in Figure 1. For
    example, as the input is varied over
    the entire 5V common mode range,
    the input-referred offset changes typically by less than 0.4ВµV. Similar levels
    of PSRR (typically less than 0.1ВµV of
    offset per volt of supply change) and ...

Модельный ряд

Серия: LTC2051HV (20)

Классификация производителя

  • Signal Conditioning > Amplifiers > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Precision Amplifiers (Vos | Zero-Drift Amplifiers | Low Power Amplifiers (Is < 1mA/amp) | Low Bias Current Amplifiers (Ib < 100pA) | Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers
  • Space & Harsh Environment > Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP) > Extended Temperature (H & MP) Amplifiers

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