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Datasheet Linear Technology LT3042IDD#PBF

ПроизводительLinear Technology

20V, 200mA, Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR RF Linear Regulator


  • Скачать » Datasheet, PDF, 1.2 Мб, Версия: B, Файл закачен 27-03-2018
    LT3042 - 20V, 200mA, Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR RF Linear Regulator
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    20V, 200mA, Ultralow Noise,
    Ultrahigh PSRR RF Linear Regulator
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION Ultralow RMS Noise: 0.8ВµVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz)
    nn Ultralow Spot Noise: 2nV/в€љHz at 10kHz
    nn Ultrahigh PSRR: 79dB at 1MHz
    nn Output Current: 200mA
    nn Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.8V to 20V
    nn Single Capacitor Improves Noise and PSRR
    nn 100ВµA SET Pin Current: В±1% Initial Accuracy
    nn Single Resistor Programs Output Voltage
    nn High Bandwidth: 1MHz
    nn Programmable Current Limit
    nn Low Dropout Voltage: 350mV
    nn Output Voltage Range: 0V to 15V
    nn Programmable Power Good
    nn Fast Start-Up Capability
    nn Precision Enable/UVLO
    nn Parallelable for Lower Noise and Higher Current
    nn Internal Current Limit with Foldback
    nn Minimum Output Capacitor: 4.7ВµF Ceramic
    nn Reverse Battery and Reverse Current Protection
    nn 10-Lead MSOP and 3mm Г— 3mm DFN Packages The LTВ®3042 is a high performance low dropout linear ...


    Линейный стабилизатор напряжения, LDO
    ЗУМ-ЭКLinear TechnologyLT3042IDD232 руб.
    ЭлитанLinear TechnologyLT3042IDD299 руб.
    Электродеталь-ПоставкаLinear TechnologyLT3042IDD328 руб.
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Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Корпус3x3 DFN-10
Код корпусаDD
Индекс корпуса05-08-1699


Demo BoardsDC2246B,DC2429A
Design ToolsLTspice File
Discrete Pass Elementнет
Dropout Voltage0.35 В
Экспортный контрольнет
Основные особенностиUltralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR, Current Source Reference, Output Current Monitor, Power Good, Shutdown
Ishutdown0.3 мкА
Isupply2 мА
LDO Output Current0.2 A
Max Junction Temp150 Deg
Количество выходов1
Рабочий диапазон температурот -40 до 85 °C
Выходной ток0.2 A
Выходное напряжениеAdj
PSRR117 дБ
RMS Noise0.8 µV
Theta JA34В°C/W (DD), 33В°C/W (MSE)
Vin Max20 В
Vin Min1.8 В
Vout Max15 В

Экологический статус


Application Notes

  • Скачать » Application Notes - AN159, PDF, 1.1 Мб, 02-02-2016
    Measuring 2nV/в€љHz Noise and 120dB Supply Rejection on Linear Regulators
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    Application Note 159
    February, 2016
    Measuring 2nV/в€љHz Noise and 120dB Supply Rejection
    on Linear Regulators
    The Quest for Quiet
    Todd Owen and Amit Patel
    Introduction MEASURING OUTPUT VOLTAGE NOISE A quiet, well regulated supply is important for optimum
    performance with a number of circuit applications. Voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) and precision voltage
    controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) respond to small
    changes in their supply very quickly. Phase-locked loops
    (PLLs) require a stable supply as signal on the supply
    translates directly to phase noise in the output. RF amplifiers require quiet supplies as they have little to no ability
    to reject supply variations and regulator variation will
    appear as unwanted side bands and lower the signal-tonoise ratio. Low noise amplifiers and analog-to-digital
    converters (ADCs) do not have infinite supply rejection
    and the cleaner the regulator output is, the higher their
    performance. These are just a few applications where linear
    regulators are required to provide quiet power supply rails,
    but how does one ensure that the regulator is performing
    as advertised? Being Quiet is Nothing New Once fully built, one can determine if the supply being
    used has low enough noise for the application. Oscillator
    phase noise is measured and compared against results
    achieved with a known good supply, ADCs are checked ...


  • Скачать » Статьи - LT Journal, PDF, 1.1 Мб, 07-04-2015
    Industry's First 0.8µVRMS Noise LDO Has 79dB Power Supply Rejection Ratio at 1MHz
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    April 2015 I N T H I S I S S U E patent-pending boost-buck
    LED driver topology 8 I2C programmable
    supervisors with EEPROM
    12 Volume 25 Number 1 Industry’s First 0.8µVRMS Noise
    LDO Has 79dB Power Supply
    Rejection Ratio at 1MHz
    Amit Patel 18V buck-boost converter
    with intelligent PowerPath
    control delivers >2A 16 advantages of 75W boost
    mode LED driver 22 how to design an isolated,
    high frequency, push-pull
    DC/DC converter 25 When it comes to powering noise-sensitive analog/RF applications,
    low dropout (LDO) linear regulators are generally preferred over their
    switching counterparts. Low noise LDOs power a wide range of
    analog/RF designs, including frequency synthesizers (PLLs/VCOs),
    RF mixers and modulators, high speed and high resolution data
    converters (ADCs and DACs) and precision sensors. Nevertheless,
    these applications have reached capabilities and sensitivities
    that are testing the limits of conventional low noise LDOs.
    For instance, in many high end VCOs, power supply noise
    directly affects the VCO output phase noise (jitter). Moreover,
    to meet overall system efficiency requirements, the LDO
    usually post-regulates the output of a relatively noisy ...

Модельный ряд

Серия: LT3042 (16)

Классификация производителя

  • Power Management > LDO Linear Regulators > Positive Linear Regulators (LDO) | LDO Plus | Extended Temperature (H & MP) Linear Regulators

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