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Datasheet Texas Instruments BQ76PL536A-Q1

ПроизводительTexas Instruments

3 to 6 Series Cell Lithium-Ion Battery Monitor and Secondary Protection IC for EV & HEV Applications


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    bq76PL536A-Q1 3-to-6 Series Cell Lithium-Ion Battery Monitor and Secondary Protection IC for EV and HEV Applications datasheet
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    SLUSAM3A – MAY 2011 – REVISED DECEMBER 2016 bq76PL536A-Q1 3-to-6 Series Cell Lithium-Ion Battery Monitor and Secondary Protection
    IC for EV and HEV Applications
    1 Features 3 Description The bq76PL536A-Q1 device is a stackable battery
    monitor and protector for three-to-six lithium-ion cells
    in series. The bq76PL536A-Q1 integrates an analog
    front end (AFE) along with a precision analog-todigital converter (ADC), used to precisely measure
    battery cell voltages. A separate ADC is used to
    measure temperature. 1 Qualified for Automotive Applications
    AEC-Q100 Qualified With the Following Results:
    – Device Temperature Grade 2: –40°C to
    +105В°C Ambient Operating Temperature
    – Device HBM Classification Level 2
    – Device CDM Classification Level C4B
    3-to-6 Series Cell Support, All Chemistries
    High-Speed Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for ...


Семейство: BQ76PL536A-Q1


Статус продуктаВ производствеВ производстве
Доступность образцов у производителяДаНет

Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Package TypePAPPAP
Package QTY1000250
Width (мм)1010
Length (мм)1010
Thickness (мм)11
Pitch (мм).5.5
Max Height (мм)1.21.2
Mechanical DataСкачать »Скачать »


Communication InterfaceSPISPI
FunctionMonitoring (Analog Front-End)Monitoring (Analog Front-End)
Number of Series Cells, Max33
Protection Feature, sOver-temperature (OT),Over-voltage (OV),Under-voltage (UV)Over-temperature (OT),Over-voltage (OV),Under-voltage (UV)
Special FeaturesCell Balancing,Integrated ADC,Programmable EEPROM or EPROM,Requires separate MCU,Stackable (built-in interface)Cell Balancing,Integrated ADC,Programmable EEPROM or EPROM,Requires separate MCU,Stackable (built-in interface)
Typical Operating Current(Typ), uA4545
Vin(Max), В2727

Экологический статус


Application Notes

  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 65 Кб, 14-06-2016
    Designing EMI/EMC Safe Battery Pack
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 158 Кб, 11-08-2010
    Improving Communications With the bq76PL536
    The bq76PL536 is designed to communicate at high speed in noisy conditions present in automotive and industrial large-format battery applications. This document presents specific steps to maximize the integrity of communications with the bq76PL536 and reduce susceptibility to noise to a minimum, thereby reducing the bit-error rate to an acceptable level.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 71 Кб, Версия: B, 05-07-2011
    bq76PL536/536A/536AQ1 Communication Basics (Rev. B)
    This application report discusses the communication basics of addressing, reading, and writing for the Texas Instruments bq76PL536, a stackable 3-to-6 series battery pack protector and analog front end.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 118 Кб, 16-12-2010
    Multi-Cell Li-Ion Battery Management System Using MSP430F5529 and bq76PL536
    This application report explains the implementation of a multi-cell lithium-ion battery management system using an MSP430(tm) microcontroller and the bq76PL536. The battery manager is implemented using the standard evaluation boards for the MSP430 MCU and the bq76PL536.The bq76PL536 can be stacked vertically to monitor up to 192 cells without additional isolation components between ICs. A high-s

Модельный ряд

Серия: BQ76PL536A-Q1 (2)

Классификация производителя

  • Semiconductors> Power Management> Battery Management Products> Battery Monitor, Protection & Authentication Solutions

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