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Datasheet Texas Instruments LM350A — Даташит

ПроизводительTexas Instruments
Datasheet Texas Instruments LM350A

3A Adjustable Output Linear Regulator / LDO


LM150/LM350A/LM350 3-Amp Adjustable Regulators datasheet
PDF, 2.5 Мб, Версия: B, Файл опубликован: 20 мар 2013
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Линейные регуляторы - стандартные 3-AMP ADJ REG
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Texas Instruments
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Texas Instruments
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Package TypeNDENDE
Industry STD TermTO-220TO-220
Package QTY4545
Width (мм)10.1610.16
Length (мм)14.98614.986
Thickness (мм)4.5724.572
Pitch (мм)2.542.54
Max Height (мм)4.74.7
Mechanical DataСкачатьСкачать


Parameters / ModelsLM350AT
Точность, %1.81.8
Iout(Max), A33
Iq(Typ), мА0.050.05
Noise, uVrms1313
Рабочий диапазон температур, Cот -40 до 125от -40 до 125
Output Capacitor TypeN/AN/A
Output OptionsAdjustable OutputAdjustable Output
PSRR @ 100KHz, дБ4040
Package GroupTO-220TO-220
Package Size: mm2:W x L, PKGSee datasheet (TO-220)See datasheet (TO-220)
Regulated Outputs11
Special FeaturesN/AN/A
Thermal Resistance ОёJA, В°C/W3535
Vdo(Typ), мВ23002300
Vin(Max), В3535
Vin(Min), В4.24.2
Vout(Max), В3232
Vout(Min), В1.251.25

Экологический статус

RoHSSee ti.comСовместим

Application Notes

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    When working with voltage regulator circuits the designer is often confronted with the need to calculatethe tolerance of the regulated output voltage. For fixed voltage regulators this problem is easily managedbecause the required information is directly supplied on the semiconductor manufacturer's data sheet.
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Модельный ряд

Серия: LM350A (2)

Классификация производителя

  • Semiconductors> Power Management> Linear Regulator (LDO)> Single Channel LDO

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