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Quad 12-/10-/8-Bit PWM to VOUT DACs with 10ppm/°C Reference


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    LTC2645 - Quad 12-/10-/8-Bit PWM to VOUT DACs with 10ppm/°C Reference
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    Quad 12-/10-/8-Bit PWM
    to VOUT DACs with
    10ppm/В°C Reference
    Description Features No Latency PWM-to-Voltage Conversio Voltage Output Updates and Settles within 8Вµs
    n 100kHz to 30Hz PWM Input Frequency
    n В±2.5LSB Max INL; В±1LSB Max DNL (LTC2645-12)
    n Guaranteed Monotonic
    n Pin-Selectable Internal or External Reference
    n 2.7V to 5.5V Supply Range
    n 1.71V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
    n Low Power: 4mA at 3V, 1GО©). 50О© 1mA, or 50mV). See the graph Headroom at Rails
    vs Output Current in the Typical Performance Characteristics section. Normal operating current resumes when PD returns high
    for transparent operation (IDLSEL = GND). For sample/
    hold operation (IDLSEL = VCC), the LTC2645 remains
    in full power-down until the first rising edge is received
    on any PWM input. Any pair of PWM input rising edges
    separated by less than the idle mode timeout delay t3
    (50ms minimum) will cause the DAC code to be updated.
    The DAC output(s) will remain in Hi-Z until the channel
    is updated following the second rising PWM input edge. Since the analog output of the DAC cannot go below
    ground, it may limit the lowest codes reachable as shown
    in Figure 2b. Similarly, limiting can occur near full-scale ...


Другие варианты исполнения

LTC2645-12 LTC2645-8

Design Notes

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    Accurate, Fast Settling Analog Voltages from Digital PWM Signals
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    Accurate, Fast Settling Analog Voltages from Digital PWM
    Design Note 538
    Mark Thoren and Chad Steward
    Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a common technique
    for generating analog voltages from a digital device such
    as a microcontroller or FPGA. Most microcontrollers have
    dedicated PWM generation peripherals built in, and it only
    takes a few lines of RTL code to generate a PWM signal
    from an FPGA. This is a simple, practical technique if
    the analog signal’s performance requirements are not
    too stringent, as only one output pin is required and the
    code overhead is very low when compared to a digitalto-analog converter (DAC) with an SPI or I2C interface.
    FigureВ 1 shows a typical application, with a digital output
    pin that is filtered to produce an analog voltage.
    CLOCK 12-BIT
    ВµC 5kHz
    PWM at a constant value, which may present a problem if the
    processor is to be put into a low power shutdown state.
    PWM-to-Analog Improved? ...

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  • Data Conversion > Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) > Unipolar Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) | Special Function DACs | Voltage Output DACs
  • Space & Harsh Environment > Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP) > Extended Temperature (H & MP) DACs

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