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Datasheet Intersil HS0-26C31EH-Q


Radiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Driver


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    HS-26C31RH, HS-26C31EH Datasheet
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    HS-26C31RH, HS-26C31EH FN3401
    Rev 7.00
    May 23, 2013 Radiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Driver Features The Intersil HS-26C31RH, HS-26C31EH are quad differential
    line drivers designed for digital data transmission over
    balanced lines and meets the requirements of EIA standard
    RS-422. Radiation hardened CMOS processing assures low
    power consumption, high speed, and reliable operation in the
    most severe radiation environments. Electrically screened to SMD #5962-96663 QML qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 requirements 1.2 Micron radiation hardened CMOS
    -Total dose up to 300kRAD(Si) The HS-26C31RH, HS-26C31EH accept CMOS levels and converts
    them to RS-422 compatible outputs. These circuits uses special
    outputs that enable the drivers to power-down without loading
    down the bus. Enable and disable pins allow several devices to be
    connected to the same data source and addressed
    independently. Latchup free EIA RS-422 compatible outputs (except for IOS) CMOS inputs High impedance outputs when disabled or powered down Specifications for Rad Hard QML devices are controlled by the
    Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime (DLA). The SMD
    numbers listed here must be used when ordering. Low power dissipation 2.75mW standby (max) Detailed Electrical Specifications for these devices are
    contained in SMD 5962-96663. A “hot-link” is provided on our
    homepage for downloading. Full -55В°C to +125В°C military temperature range Single 5V supply Low output impedance . .10пЃ—пЂ or less Applications Line transmitter for MIL-STD-1553 serial data bus Ordering Information
    (Note 1) INTERNAL



ClassV, /PROTO
DLA SMD5962-96663
DescriptionRadiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Driver
High Dose Rate (HDR) krad(Si)300
Low Dose Rate (ELDRS) krad(Si)50
Рабочий диапазон температурот -55 до 125
Qualification LevelQML Class V (space)
SEL (MeV/mg/cm2)100

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Серия: HS-26C31EH (3)

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  • Space & Harsh Environment > Rad Hard Analog > RH Interface

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HS026C31EHQ, HS0 26C31EH Q

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