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Datasheet Intersil ISL71590SEH


Radiation Hardened, 2-Terminal Temperature Transducer


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    ISL71590SEH Datasheet
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    DATASHEET Radiation Hardened, 2-Terminal Temperature Transducer
    ISL71590SEH Features The ISL71590SEH is a temperature-to-current transducer
    possessing two terminals. It has a high impedance current output
    that allows it to be insensitive to voltage drops across long lines.
    When provided a differential voltage between 4V and 33V, the
    device acts as a constant current regulator that generates a
    current equal to 1ВµA/Kelvin (K). 50krad(Si) low dose rate (ELDRS) shift . < 1В°C The ISL71590SEH is specified across the -55В°C to +125В°C
    temperature range and with В±1.7В°C accuracy without the
    need of additional circuitry, and also capable of operating up
    to +150В°C. With power requirements as low as 1.5mW (5V at
    +25В°C), it is an ideal choice for remote sensing applications as
    any well-insulated twisted pair cable will allow for proper
    operation. It can be used in several additional applications
    including temperature compensation networks, flow rate
    analysis, anemometry and biasing proportional to absolute
    The high output impedance (>10MО©) leaves plenty of room for
    variations in the power supply voltage. It is electrically durable
    as it can withstand a forward operating voltage of 33V over the
    full temperature range both under and without ion beam
    radiation and a reverse voltage of -40V.
    The ISL71590SEH is available in a 2 Ld flatpack and die forms. Applications Linear output current . 1ВµA/K Wide power supply input range (V+ to V-) . 4V to 33V Low power consumption 1.5mW at 5V High output impedance provides excellent rejection to
    variations in the supply line Additional linearization circuitry is not needed for operation Operating temperature range -55В°C to +150В°C QML qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 requirements Radiation environment ...


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DLA SMD5962-132155962-132155962-132155962-13215
DescriptionRadiation Hardened, 2-Terminal Temperature TransducerRadiation Hardened, 2-Terminal Temperature TransducerRadiation Hardened, 2-Terminal Temperature TransducerRadiation Hardened, 2-Terminal Temperature Transducer
High Dose Rate (HDR) krad(Si)300300300300
Low Dose Rate (ELDRS) krad(Si)50505050
Рабочий диапазон температурот -55 до 125от -55 до 125от -55 до 125от -55 до 125
Qualification LevelQML Class V (space)QML Class V (space)QML Class V (space)QML Class V (space)
SEL (MeV/mg/cm2)86.486.486.486.4

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Серия: ISL71590SEH (4)

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  • Space & Harsh Environment > Rad Hard Analog > RH Temperature Sensors

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