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Datasheet Mini-Circuits CMA-62+

Datasheet Mini-Circuits CMA-62+




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    Flat Gain, High IP3 Monolithic Amplifier
    50Ω CMA-62+ 0.01 to 6 GHz The Big Deal Ceramic, Hermetically Sealed, Nitrogen filled Low profile case, .045” high Ultra Flat Gain Broadband High Dynamic Range without external Matching Components CASE STYLE: DL1721 Product Overview CMA-62+ (RoHS compliant) is a wideband amplifier fabricated using HBT technology and offers ultra flat
    gain over a broad frequency range and with high IP3. In addition, the CMA-62+, has good input and output
    return loss over a broad frequency range without the need for external matching components and has demonstrated excellent reliability. The MMIC amplifier is bonded to a multilayer integrated LTCC substrate, and
    then hermetically sealed under a controlled nitrogen atmosphere with gold-plated covers and eutectic AuSn
    solder. These amplifiers have been tested to MIL requirements for gross leak, fine leak, thermal shock,
    vibration, acceleration, mechanical shock, and HTOL. Key Features
    Broad Band: 0.01 to 6.0 GHz
    Ultra Flat Gain Advantages
    Broadband covering primary wireless communications bands:
    В±0.6 dB over 50 to 3000 MHz; В±0.10 dB over 700 to 2700 MHz
    eliminates need for gain flattening for most applications High IP3 vs. DC power Consumption
    39 dBm typical at 0.05 GHz
    37 dBm typical at 0.8 GHz The CMA-62+ matches industry leading IP3 performance relative to device size and
    power consumption. The combination of the design and HBT Structure provides enhanced linearity over a broad frequency range as evidence in the IP3 being typically 20
    dB above the P 1dB point to 0.8 GHz. This feature makes this amplifier ideal for use in: Driver amplifiers for complex waveform up converter paths Drivers in linearized transmit systems No External Matching Components
    Required CMA-62+ provides Input and Output Return Loss of 10-23 dB up to 7 GHz without the need
    for any external matching components Ceramic Hermetic Package Low Inductance, repeatable performance, excellent reliability. Notes
    A. Performance and quality attributes and conditions not expressly stated in this specification document are intended to be excluded and do not form a part of this specification document.
    B. Electrical specifications and performance data contained in this specification document are based on Mini-Circuit’s applicable established test performance criteria and measurement instructions.
    C. The parts covered by this specification document are subject to Mini-Circuits standard limited warranty and terms and conditions (collectively, “Standard Terms”); Purchasers ...



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Export InfoECCN# EAR99
Test BoardTB-656-62+

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CMA62+, CMA 62+

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