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Datasheet Everlight EL817(M)(C)


4 Pin DIP Phototransistor Photocoupler


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    EL817 Series Schematic Features: Current transfer ratio
    (CTR: 50~600% at IF = 5mA, VCE = 5V) High isolation voltage between input
    and output (Viso = 5000Vrms) Creepage distance > 7.62mm Operating temperature up to +110В°C Compact small outline package
    The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version Compliance with EU REACH UL and cUL approved(No.E214129) VDE approved (No. 132249) SEMKO approved NEMKO approved DEMKO approved FIMKO approved CQC approved Pin Configuration
    1. Anode
    2. Cathode
    3. Emitter
    4. Collector Description
    The EL817 series of devices each consist of an infrared emitting diodes,
    optically coupled to a phototransistor detector.
    They are packaged in a 4-pin DIP package and available in wide-lead spacing and SMD option. Applications Programmable controllers System appliances, measuring instruments Telecommunication equipments Home appliances, such as fan heaters, etc. Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances 1 Copyright В© 2010, Everlight All Rights Reserved. Release Date :Nov 1, 2016. Issue No: DPC-0000046 Rev.16 www.everlight.com DATASHEET
    EL817 Series Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25в„ѓ) Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Forward current IF 60 mA Peak forward current (1us, pulse) IFP 1 A Reverse voltage VR 6 V 100 mW 2.9 mW/В°C 150 mW 5.8 mW/В°C IC 50 mA Collector-Emitter voltage VCEO 35 V Emitter-Collector voltage VECO 6 V PTOT 200 mW Isolation Voltage* VISO 5000 V rms Operating Temperature TOPR -55 to 110 В°C Storage Temperature TSTG -55 to 125 В°C TSOL 260 В°C Input Power dissipation
    Derating factor (above Ta = 100В°C)
    Power dissipation
    Derating factor (above Ta = 100В°C)
    Output Collector current Total Power Dissipation
    1 2 Soldering Temperature* PD PC Notes:
    *1 AC for 1 minute, R.H.= 40 ~ 60% R.H. In this test, pins 1, 2 are shorted together, and pins 3, 4 are shorted together.
    *2 For 10 seconds 2 Copyright В© 2010, Everlight All Rights Reserved. Release Date : Nov 1, 2016. Issue No: DPC-0000046 Rev.16 www.everlight.com DATASHEET
    EL817 Series Electro-Optical Characteristics (Ta=25в„ѓ unless specified otherwise) Input ...


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Транзисторные выходные оптопары Optocoupler Transistor DC Input
AliExpressFL817 EL817 PC817 KA3842 UC3842AN L6561 L6561N 3BR 0665JZ TOP242P TOP242PN Q0265R OP07CP OP07 P621 TLP621-1 AP8012 MC340632,04 руб.
ИнтерияEL8175,34 руб.
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Серия: EL817 (99)

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