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ПроизводительLinear Technology

Dual DC/DC Converter with USB Power Manager and Li-Ion Battery Charger


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    LTC3455/LTC3455-1 - Dual DC/DC Converter with USB Power Manager and Li-Ion Battery Charger
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    Dual DC/DC Converter
    with USB Power Manager
    and Li-Ion Battery Charger
    DESCRIPTION FEATURES Seamless Transition between Input Power Sources:
    Li-Ion Battery, USB, and 5V Wall Adapter
    Accurate USB Current Limiting (500mA/100mA)
    Two High Efficiency DC/DC Converters: Up to 96%
    Thermal Regulation Maximizes Battery Charge
    Rate without Risk of Overheating
    Full-Featured Li-Ion Battery Charger with 4.2V Float
    Voltage for LTC3455 and 4.1V for LTC3455-1
    4.1V Float Voltage (LTC3455-1) Improves Battery Life
    and High Temperature Safety Margin
    Hot Swapв„ў Output for SDIO and Memory Cards
    Pin-Selectable Burst ModeВ® Operation
    Output Disconnect: All Outputs Discharged to Ground
    During Shutdown
    Available in a 4mm Г— 4mm Г— 0.75mm 24-Pin
    QFN Package The LTCВ®3455/LTC3455-1 are complete power management solutions for a variety of portable applications.
    These devices contain two synchronous step-down
    DC/DC converters, a USB power controller, a full-featured
    Li-Ion battery charger, a Hot Swap output, a low-battery ...


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Стандарт СИЗLinear TechnologyLTC3455EUF#PBF290 руб.
РИВ ЭлектрониксLinear TechnologyLTC3455EUF#PBF331 руб.
ДКО ЭлектронщикLinear TechnologyLTC3455EUF#PBFот 376 руб.
ТаймЧипсLinear TechnologyLTC3455EUF#TRPBFпо запросу
LifeElectronicsLTC3455EURпо запросу
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Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Корпус4x4 QFN-24
Габаритный чертеж корпуса
4x4 QFN-24
Габаритный чертеж корпуса
Код корпусаUFUF
Индекс корпуса05-08-169705-08-1697
Количество выводов2424


Battery ChemistryLi-Ion, Li-PolymerLi-Ion, Li-Polymer
Buck Output Current, A0.4, 0.60.4, 0.6
Demo BoardsDC1448A,DC631BDC1448A,DC631B
Экспортный контрольнетнет
Основные особенностиDual Input, Battery Charger, PowerPath, Buck, Hot SwapDual Input, Battery Charger, PowerPath, Buck, Hot Swap
Float Voltage, В4.2V, 4.1V4.2V, 4.1V
Max Charge Current, A11
Количество выходов22
Рабочий диапазон температур, °Cот 0 до 85от 0 до 85
PowerPathLinear PowerPath, 150mΩ Internal Ideal DiodeLinear PowerPath, 150mΩ Internal Ideal Diode
Type of ChargerLinearLinear
Vin Max, В5.55.5
Vin Min, В4.34.3

Экологический статус


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Design Notes

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    Simple, Efficient, All-in-One USB Power Management IC Solution
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    advertisement Simple, Efficient, All-in-One USB Power Management IC Solution
    Design Note 1008
    John Shannon
    Linear Technology offers a variety of devices that simplify
    converting power from a USB cable, but the LTCВ®3455
    represents the highest level of functional integration yet
    achieved. The LTC3455 seamlessly manages power flow
    between an AC adapter, USB cable and Li-ion battery,
    while complying with USB power standards, all from a
    4mm Г— 4mm QFN package. In addtion, two high efficiency
    synchronous buck converters generate low voltage rails
    which most USB-powered peripherals require. The
    LTC3455 also provides power-on reset signals for the
    microprocessor, a Hot SwapTM output for powering
    memory cards as well as an uncommitted gain block
    suitable for use as a low-battery comparator or an LDO
    controller. The PCB real estate required for the entire USB
    power control circuit and two DC/DC converters is only
    The simplified block diagram of the LTC3455 in Figure 1
    shows the major components that allow the LTC3455 to
    accomplish multiple functions. The DC/DC conversion is ...


  • Скачать » Статьи - LT Journal PDF, 272 Кб, Файл опубликован: 1 фев 2004
    Complete USB Power Manager, Li-Ion Charger and Two Buck Converters in a 4mm x 4mm QFN
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    Complete USB Power Manager, Li-Ion
    Charger and Two Buck Converters
    in a 4mm Г— 4mm QFN . 1
    Bryan Legates Issue Highlights . 2
    LTC in the News…. 2
    Easy-to-Use Spread Spectrum Clock
    Generator Reduces EMI and More . 6
    Tim Regan and Doug La Porte Monolithic Ideal Diode
    Prolongs Battery Life. 10
    Andrew Bishop Versatile Power Supply
    Tracking without MOSFETs. 13
    Dan Eddleman Compact, Versatile, Accurate,
    3-State Programmable Power
    Supply Supervisors. 19
    Eko T. Lisuwandi 2-Phase Controller Makes Small,
    Fast and Efficient Power Supplies
    with Output Tracking. 24
    David Chen DESIGN IDEAS
    . 27–36
    (complete list on page 27) New Device Cameos. 37 VOLUME XIV NUMBER 1 Complete USB Power ...
  • Скачать » Статьи - LT Journal PDF, 303 Кб, Файл опубликован: 23 сен 2008
    New Family of Integrated Power Controllers Combine Fast Battery Charging, PowerPath Control and Efficient DC/DC Converters in Less Than 20mm2
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    L DESIGN FEATURES New Family of Integrated Power
    Controllers Combine Fast Battery
    Charging, PowerPath Control and
    Efficient DC/DC Converters in
    by Sam Nork
    Less Than 20mm2
    The quickest way to build an efficient
    power system for a battery-powered
    portable application is to use an
    IC that combines all power control
    functions into a single chip, namely a
    Power Management Integrated Circuit
    (PMIC). PMICs seamlessly manage
    power flow from various power sources
    (wall adapters, USB and batteries) to
    power loads (device systems and the
    charging battery), while maintaining
    current limits where required (such
    as that specified for USB). To this
    end, PMICs typically feature built-in
    PowerPathв„ў control, DC/DC conver-USB/WALL
    4.35V TO 5.5V TO OTHER ...

Модельный ряд

Серия: LTC3455-1 (2)

Классификация производителя

  • Power Management > PMIC & Multifunction > PMIC (DC/DC, PowerPath and Battery Charger)

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