Datasheet Diodes TL431


The TL431 is three terminal adjustable shunt regulator offering excellent temperature stability and output current handling capability up to 100mA.


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The output voltage may be set to any chosen voltage between 2.5 and 36 volts by selection of two external divider resistors. The devices can be used as a replacement for zener diodes in many applications requiring an improvement in zener performance. Diodes' TL431 has the same electrical specifications as the industry standard '?431 and is available in 2 grades with initial tolerances of 1% and 0.5% for the A and B grades respectively.

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Parameters / ModelsTL431AS-13TL431ASA-7TL431AW5-7TL431BS-13TL431BSA-7TL431BW5-7
Точность0.5, 1 %0.5, 1 %0.5, 1 %0.5, 1 %0.5, 1 %
Automotive Compliant PPAPNoNoNoNoNo
Maximum Input Voltage36 V36 V36 V36 V36 V
Maximum Slope Resistance0.5 Ω0.5 Ω0.5 Ω0.5 Ω0.5 Ω
Minimum Cathode Current for Regulation Typ400 µA400 µA400 µA400 µA400 µA
Operating Ambient Temperature Range-40В toВ 125 °C-40В toВ 125 °C-40В toВ 125 °C-40В toВ 125 °C-40В toВ 125 °C
Qualified to AECQ10xNoNoNoNoNo
Reference Voltage2.495 V2.495 V2.495 V2.495 V2.495 V
Sink Current100 mA100 mA100 mA100 mA100 mA

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