Datasheet Diodes AP22615AWU-7


3.0a Adjustable Single Channel Power Distribution Switch With Output Ovp


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The AP22815/615 is a 3A/Adjustable single channel current-limited high-side power switch with output OVP optimized for USB and other hot-swap applications which need to have over voltage protection from output to protection the system.

The AP22815/615 complies with USB standards and is available with both polarities of Enable input. AP22815 supports fixed current-limited feature, while AP22615 equips adjustable current-limited feature optimized for applications that require precision current limiting support. It supports USB PD3.0 fast role swap function. The output voltage could recovery to USB valid voltage range within 110us during USB PD fast role swap event.

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Enable LogicActive High
Maximum Continuous Output Current3 A
Maximum Current Limit4.2 A
Maximum Operating Voltage5.5 V
Minimum Operating Voltage3 V
NEMKO IEC 60950-1 CBYes
OCP FlagYes
OCP Output Latch OffNo
Operating Ambient Temperature Range-40 to 85 °C
Output DischargeYes
Quiescent Current Typ300 µA
RDS(ON) (VIN = 5V) Typ40 mΩ
UL ListedYes

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Серия: AP22615 (1)
  • AP22615AWU-7

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