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Highly Integrated PMIC for Wearables and Home Automation


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    Ultra-Low Quiescent Current PMIC General Description
    DA9070 is a highly integrated, configurable, low quiescent current PMIC that integrates the most
    common needs for wearables, home automation and low power battery applications.
    The Power Management IC (PMIC) comprises a linear charger with Power Path management, ultralow quiescent current (Iq) buck regulator and LDO/Load Switches, wide output voltage boost
    regulator, analog battery monitor, watchdog and protection features in an I2C configurable compact
    WLCSP package.
    DA9070 has several power saving modes to increase battery life whether the product sits on the
    shelf or is in operation. Further savings in power are achieved with the ultra-low Iq buck converter
    that is efficient down to 10 µA load currents and low Iq LDOs. The uncommitted inputs of LDOs can
    be connected to either the battery or buck output.
    The integrated, high-efficiency boost regulator supports both sensors and display supply needs with
    a wide range configurable output voltage.
    DA9070 provides charge current up to 500 mA to speed up the charge cycle. The charge profile is
    programmable by external resistors or in software, allowing either stand-alone operation or host
    DA9070 includes dynamic power path management which automatically balancing current delivered
    to the system and battery charging.
    Suitable for small battery applications, the battery monitor facilitates on-demand battery voltage and
    discharge current monitors to an external MCU’s ADC for supporting software fuel gauging. Key Features
    ■ Increased battery life
    ■ High integration and configurability
    □ 800 nA (no load, total battery current) buck □ Wide output voltage boost regulator ...


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Серия: DA9070 (2)

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  • Power Management > PMICs

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