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Datasheet Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK3101

ПроизводительAsahi Kasei Microdevices

Ultra-low Noise Coreless Current Sensor


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    [AK3101] AK3101
    Ultra Low Noise Coreless Current Sensor
    1. General Description
    AK3101 is an open-type current sensor using a Hall sensor which outputs the analog voltage in
    proportion to the AC/DC current. Ultra low noise property is realized by a III-V compound semiconductor
    Hall element of high sensitivity and signal processing technology. In addition, since AK3101 has a
    coreless structure and does not contain magnetic material, it has no hysteresis and is suitable for audio
    applications. AK3101 is especially suitable for a Motional Feedback system that feedbacks the current of
    voice coils of the speaker to the amplifier and controls the movement of the voice coils.
    AK3101 adopts an ultra-small coreless package which is compliant with safety standards, suitable for
    applications such as motor control for industrial equipments. Since AK3101 has ultra low noise, it can
    detect the current by high resolution, which contributes to high-precision torque control of the motor. 2. Features
    □ Ultra low noise : -102 dBm / √ Hz (integrated noise 0.7 mVrms, 100 Hz to 200 kHz integration)
    □ No hysteresis output, because of not containing the magnetic material
    □ Very small primary conductor resistance : 1.6 mΩ
    □ High Accuracy : 1.5% F.S. (Ta = -40 to 90 °C Typ.)
    □ Small and thin surface mount package : 7.9 mm × 7.6 mm × 1.15 mm
    □ Certified with safety standards of IEC / UL 60950, UL 1577 certification pending
    □ Isolation voltage : 3.0 kVrms (AC 50/60 Hz, 60 s)
    □ Fast Response Time : 2µs Typ.
    □ Ratiometric output
    □ Operated by single power supply : VDD = 5 V 3. Applications
    □ Speaker current detection (Motional Feedback) ...


ЭлитанAK3101496 руб.
МосЧипAK3101/2WD-5.0-GREYпо запросу
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  • Current Sensors

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