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    a Low Noise, Matched
    Dual Monolithic Transistor
    Low Offset Voltage: 50 ␮V max
    Low Noise Voltage at 100 Hz, 1 mA: 1.0 nV/√Hz max
    High Gain (hFE):
    500 min at IC = 1 mA
    300 min at IC = 1 ␮A
    Excellent Log Conformance: rBE ⯝ 0.3 ⍀
    Low Offset Voltage Drift: 0.1 ␮V/ⴗC max
    Improved Direct Replacement for LM194/394 TE TO-78
    Substrate is connected to case on TO-78 package.
    Substrate is normally connected to the most negative
    circuit potential, but can be floated. The MAT02 should be used in any application where low
    noise is a priority. The MAT02 can be used as an input
    stage to make an amplifier with noise voltage of less than
    1.0 nV/√Hz at 100 Hz. Other applications, such as log/antilog
    circuits, may use the excellent logging conformity of the
    MAT02. Typical bulk resistance is only 0.3 Ω to 0.4 Ω. The
    MAT02 electrical characteristics approach those of an ideal
    transistor when operated over a collector current range of 1 ...


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Low Noise, Matched Dual Monolithic Transistor
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Серия: MAT02 (2)

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  • Analog Functions > Matched Transistors

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