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1.5µA IQ, Step-Up DC-DC Converters in TSOT and µDFN


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    MAX1722/MAX1723/MAX1724 Datasheets
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    MAX1724 1.5μA IQ, Step-Up DC-DC
    Converters in TSOT and µDFN General Description The MAX1722/MAX1723/MAX1724 compact, high-efficiency,
    step-up DC-DC converters are available in tiny, 5-pin
    TSOT packages. They feature an extremely low 1.5μA
    quiescent supply current to ensure the highest possible
    light-load efficiency. Optimized for operation from one
    to two alkaline or nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) cells, or
    a single Li+ cell, these devices are ideal for applications
    where extremely low quiescent current and ultra-small
    size are critical.
    Built-in synchronous rectification significantly improves
    efficiency and reduces size and cost by eliminating the
    need for an external Schottky diode. All three devices
    feature a 0.5Ω N-channel power switch. The MAX1722/
    MAX1724 also feature proprietary noise-reduction circuitry,
    which suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI)
    caused by the inductor in many step-up applications. The
    family offers different combinations of fixed or adjustable
    outputs, shutdown, and EMI reduction (see Selector
    Guide). Applications
    ●● Pagers
    ●● Remote Controls ...


Цена MAX1724MAX1724 на РадиоЛоцман.Цены — от 41,25 до 339 руб.
Исполнение: SOT23-5. DC DC CONV, STEP UP, 3.3V, SOT235; Voltage Regulator Type:Step Up (Boost); Voltage, Input Max:5.5V; Voltage, Output Max:3.3V; Current,...
Стандарт СИЗMaximMAX1724EZK33+T41 руб.
T-electronMaximMAX1724EZK33+T50 руб.
ЗУМ-ЭКMaximMAX1724EZK33+T104 руб.
КремнийMaximMAX1724EZK30-Tпо запросу
ИнтерияMaximMAX1724EZK33+Tпо запросу
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Серия: MAX1724 (15)

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