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High-Voltage High Sensitivity Automotive Hall Effect Omnipolar Switch


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Подробное описание

The AH3563Q is an AECQ100-qualified high-voltage, high-sensitivity Hall effect omnipolar switch IC designed for position and proximity sensing in automotive applications, such as in seat and seatbelt buckle, steering lock/immobilization, gear stick, transmission actuator and gear position, HVAC compression, wiper, door/trunk closure, and so on.

To support a wide range of demanding applications, the design is optimized to operate over the supply range of 3.0V to 28V. With chopper-stabilized architecture and an internal bandgap regulator to provide temperature compensated supply for internal circuits, the AH3563Q provides a reliable solution over the whole operating range. For robustness and protection, the device has a reverse blocking diode with a zener clamp on the supply. The output has an overcurrent limit and a zener clamp.

The single open-drain output can be switched on with south or north pole of sufficient strength. When the magnetic flux density (B) perpendicular to the package is larger than the operate point (BOP), the output is switched on (pulled low) and is held on until the magnetic flux density B is lower than the release point (BRP).

Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

КорпусSIP-3 (Ammo)SIP-3 (Ammo)SIP-3 (Ammo)


Parameters / ModelsAH3563Q-P-AAH3563Q-P-BAH3563Q-SA-7
# Outputs111
Active High or LowLowLowLow
Automotive Compliant PPAPYesYesYes
Average Supply Current3,000 µA3,000 µA3,000 µA
Max Operating Point ±Bop (Guass)454545
Max Release Point ±Brp (Guass)353535
Min Operating Point ±Bop (Guass)151515
Min Release Point ±Brp (Guass)555
Operating Ambient Temperature Range-40 to 150 °C-40 to 150 °C-40 to 150 °C
Operating Voltage3 to 28 V3 to 28 V3 to 28 V
Тип выходаOpen DrainOpen DrainOpen Drain
Qualified to AECQ10xYesYesYes
Typ Operating Point ±Bop (Guass)303030
Typ Release Point ±Brp (Guass)202020

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