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High-Efficiency 2.2MHz, 36V, Dual Buck Controller with 17μA Quiescent Current


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    MAX20034 Abridged Data Sheet
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    ABRIDGED DATA SHEET EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Click here for production status of specific part numbers. MAX20034 General Description The MAX20034 is an automotive 2.2MHz, dual synchronous step-down controller IC that provides two highvoltage, synchronous step-down controllers that operate
    180° out-of-phase. The IC operates with a 3.5V to 42V
    input-voltage supply and can function in dropout condition
    by running at 99% duty cycle. It is intended for applications
    with mid-to high-power requirements that perform at a
    wide input voltage range, such as during automotive coldcrank or engine stop-start conditions.
    The IC’s step-down controllers operate at up to 2.2MHz
    frequency to allow small external components, reduced
    output ripple, and to guarantee no AM band interference.
    The switching frequency is resistor adjustable (220kHz
    to 2.2MHz). SYNC input programmability enables three
    frequency modes for optimized performance: forced
    fixed-frequency operation, skip mode with ultra-low
    quiescent current, and synchronization to an external
    clock. The IC is also available with spread-spectrum
    frequency modulation to minimize EMI interference.
    The IC features a power-OK monitor, overvoltage lockout, and undervoltage lockout. Protection
    features include cycle-by-cycle current limit and
    thermal shutdown. The MAX20034 is specified
    for operation over the -40°C to +125°C automotive
    temperature range. Applications ●● POL Applications for Automotive Power High-Efficiency 2.2MHz, 36V, Dual Buck
    Controller with 17μA Quiescent Current Benefits and Features ●● Meets Stringent OEM Module Power-Consumption
    and Performance Specifications ...


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Серия: MAX20034 (4)

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  • Power > Switching Regulators

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