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Datasheet Broadcom ASMT-YTB0


PLCC-6 Surface Mount Tricolor LED


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    ASMT-YTB0-0xxxx Datasheet
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    PLCC-6 Surface Mount Tricolor LED
    Data Sheet Description Features This family of Surface Mount Tricolor LEDs are housed in a
    PLCC-6 package. They are designed with a separate heat path
    for each LED die, enabling them to be driven at higher current.
    The high reliability package is able to withstand a wide range
    of environmental conditions making them ideally suited for
    interior and exterior full color sign applications.  A super wide viewing angle of 115° combined with a built in
    reflector increase the intensity of the light output making these
    LEDs suitable for interior electronics signs applications. The
    black surface top provides better contrast enhancement
    especially in the full color sign applications.  These LEDs are compatible with reflow soldering process and
    to facilitate easy pick and place assembly, the LEDs are packed
    in EIA-compliant tape and reel. Each reel will be shipped in
    single intensity and color bin; except red color to provide close
    uniformity. NOTE CAUTION LEDs are Class 1C ESD sensitive. Please observe
    appropriate precautions during handling and
    processing. Please refer to Avago Application
    Note AN-1142 for additional details. 
     

     Industry Standard PLCC-6 package (Plastic Leaded Chip
    Carrier) with individual addressable pin-out for higher ...


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