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Datasheet Infineon TLE9855QX


TLE9855QX is part of the TLE985x Infineon Embedded Power IC product family. The single chip 2-phase motor driver integrates the industry standard Arm Cortex -M0 core with an NFET driver. This System-on-Chip solution includes four fully integrated NFET drivers optimized to drive a 2-phase motor via four external power NFETs, a charge pump enabling low voltage operation and programmable current along with current slope control for optimized EMC behavior. Its peripheral set includes a current sensor, a successive approximation ADC synchronized with the capture and compare unit for PWM control and 16-bit timers. A LIN transceiver is also integrated to enable communication to the device along with a number of general purpose I/Os. It includes an on-chip linear voltage regulator to supply external loads.Produced on Infineon's first-in-industry automotive qualified 130 nm Smart Power technology, the Infineon Embedded Power System-on-Chip solution offers an unmatched level of integration as well as system cost to performance optimization for the target application segments.The TLE985x product family is offered in a leadless VQFN-48 package to save board space.


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    Arm® Cortex®-M0 Microcontroller with LIN and H-Bridge NFET
    Driver for Automo tive Applications 1 Overview Features
    • 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 Core
    – up to 40 MHz clock frequency
    – one clock per machine cycle architecture
    – single cycle multiplier • On-chip memory
    – 96 KB Flash (including EEPROM)
    – 4 KB EEPROM (emulated in Flash)
    – 512 bytes 100 Time Programmable Memory (100TP)
    – 4 KB RAM
    – Boot ROM for startup firmware and Flash routines • Math Co-Processor Unit with Divider Unit for signed and unsigned 32-bit division operations • On-chip OSC and PLL for clock generation
    – PLL loss-of-lock detection • MOSFET Driver including charge pump for H-bridge motor applications • Current Sense Amplifier • High-Side Switch with cyclic sense option and PWM functionality, e.g. for supplying LEDs or switch panels
    (min. 150 mA) • 4 High Voltage Monitor Input pins for wake-up and with cyclic sense with analog measurement option • 10 General-purpose I/O Ports (GPIO) • 5 Analog input Ports • 10-Bit A/D Converter with 5 analog inputs + VBAT_SENSE + VS + 4 high voltage monitoring inputs • 8-Bit A/D Converter with 9 inputs for voltage and temperature supervision • Measurement unit with 12 channels together with the onboard 10-Bit A/D converter and data post
    processing • 16-Bit timers -GPT12, Timer 2 and Timer 21 • Capture/compare unit for PWM signal generation (CCU6) • 2 full duplex serial interfaces (UART1, UART2), UART1 with LIN support • 2 synchronous serial channels (SSC1, SSC2) Datasheet www.infineon.com 1 Rev. 1.0
    2019-02-12 TLE9855QX
    • On-chip debug support via 2-wire SWD • 1 LIN 2.2 transceiver • Single power supply VS = 5.5 V to 28 V • Extended supply voltage range VS = 3 V to 28 V • Low-dropout voltage regulators (LDO) • 5 V voltage supply VDDEXT for external loads (e.g. Hall-sensor) • Core logic supply at 1.5 V • Programmable window watchdog (WDT1) with independent on-chip clock source • Power saving modes:
    – Micro Controller Unit slow-down mode
    – Sleep Mode with cyclic sense option
    – Cyclic wake-up during Sleep Mode
    – Stop Mode with cyclic sense option • Power-on and undervoltage/brownout reset generator • Overtemperature protection incl. shutdown • Short circuit protection for all voltage regulators and actuators (High Side Switch) • Loss of clock detection with fail safe mode for power switches • Temperature Range Tj = -40°C to +150°C • Package VQFN-48-31 with LTI feature • Green package (RoHS compliant) • AEC Qualified Potential applications
    • Window lift • Sunroof • Electrical fan • Electrical pump • Single-phase pumps and fans • LIN address ...



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Серия: TLE9855QX (1)

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  • Microcontroller (MCU) > 32-bit Embedded Power ICs based on Arm® Cortex® M > H-Bridge Driver IC with Integrated Arm® Cortex® M0

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