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Universal High Voltage Step Down Power Switcher


Datasheet AP3917D
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Universal AC High Voltage Step Down Power Switcher
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Подробное описание

The AP3917B/C/D is a universal AC high-voltage input, step-down power switcher.

The main applications are especially suited for home appliance and IoT applications with a non-isolated buck solution or offline flyback solution.

Working with a single-winding inductor and integrating a 650V(AP3917B/C) or 700V(AP3917D) MOSFET internal can make the device use fewer external components and create a low bill of material (BOM) cost solution.

The AP3917B/C/D can achieve excellent regulation and high power efficiency. The peak current and switching frequency continuously reduce as the load decreases, so it can get excellent efficiency performance at light load and improve the overall system efficiency.

The AP3917B/C/D has multiple protection features to enhance the system safety and reliability. It has over temperature protection, under-voltage lock function, output short protection, overload protection, and open-loop protection.

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Parameters / ModelsAP3917DS7-13
Cable Compensation0%
Collector DC Current1 A
Operating Current200 µA
Power Rating5 W
Standby Power30 mW
Startup Current26 µA
UVLO Threshold on/off6.5/4.5 V

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Серия: AP3917D (1)

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