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Battery Charger Flash MCU


Datasheet HT45F5Q-3
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Battery Charger Flash MCU
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The HT45F5Q-3 is a Flash Memory A/D type 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontroller especially designed for battery charger applications.

Offering users the convenience of Flash Memory multi-programming features, this device also includes a wide range of functions and features. Other memory includes an area of RAM Data Memory as well as an area of Emulated EEPROM memory for storage of non-volatile data such as serial numbers, calibration data etc.

Analog feature includes a multi-channel 12-bit A/D converter function. An extremely flexible Timer Module provides timing, pulse generation and PWM generation functions. Communication with the outside world is catered for by including fully integrated SPI, I2C and UART interface functions, three popular interfaces which provide designers with a means of easy communication with external peripheral hardware. Protective features such as an internal Watchdog Timer and Low Voltage Reset coupled with excellent noise immunity and ESD protection ensure that reliable operation is maintained in hostile electrical environments.

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HT45F5Q3, HT45F5Q 3

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