Datasheet Rohm BD70522GUL

Datasheet Rohm BD70522GUL

Ultra Low Iq Buck Converter For Low Power Applications


Datasheet BD70522GUL
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Ultra Low Iq Buck Converter For Low Power Applications
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Nano EnergyTM - Ultra Low Iq Buck Converter For Low Power Applications, Green: compliant
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Подробное описание

The BD70522GUL is a Buck Converter featuring 180nA quiescent current and supports output current up to 500mA.

The Constant ON-Time (COT) control with ULP (Ultra Low Power) mode provides superior transient response and extends battery life by providing excellent light load efficiency below 10μA load range. The output voltage can be selected from 9 pre-set voltages by VSEL pins. When the input voltage gets close to the output voltage, the IC enters 100% ON mode where the switching operation stops.

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