Datasheet Diodes PI3USB9201


Dual-Role Usb Charging-Type Detector


Data Brief PI3USB9201
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Dual-Role Usb Charging-Type Detector
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Подробное описание

PI3USB9201 is a dual-role BC1.2-compliance charging-type detector.

It can be programmed to operate in host mode or client
mode through I2C.

Particularly for USB-C application with bottom and top D+/- pins common at USB-C connector, when device attachment is detected by USB-C detector, which can program PI3USB9201 to perform BC1.2-compliance charging-type detections on D+/- connection.

When operating as a host, PI3USB9201 enables BC1.2 SDP/CDP/ DCP advertisement to the attached USB devices. When operating as a client, PI3USB9201 starts BC1.2 detection to detect the attached host type. In both host mode and client mode, the detection results are reported through I2C to the controller.

The PI3USB9201 can operate over a temperature range of -40 to +85° in a tiny 12- contact QFN 2mm x2mm package.

Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

КорпусU-QFN2020-12 (Type C)


Parameters / ModelsPI3USB9201ZTAEX
Analog or Digital?Analog
ConfigurationOne port
OtherFeaturesController, Charging and Data Transfer

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