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USB type-C port protection


Datasheet TCPP01-M12
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USB type-C port protection
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The TCPP01-M12 (type-C port protection) is a single chip solution for USB type-C port protection that facilitates the migration from USB legacy connectors type-A or type-B to USB type-C connectors.

The TCPP01-M12 features 22 V tolerant ESD protection as per IEC61000-4-2 level 4 on USB type-C connector configuration channel (CC) pins. For a safe and reliable USB type-C implementation, the TCPP01-M12 provides overvoltage protection on CC1 and CC2 pins when these pins are subjected to short circuit with the VBUS pin that may happen when removing the USB type-C cable from its receptacle. For sink applications, TCPP01-M12 triggers an external N-MOSFET on VBUS line when a defective power source applies a voltage higher than selected OVP threshold. Also, the TCPP01-M12 integrates a “dead battery” management logic that is compliant with the latest USB power delivery specification. The power supply of the TCPP01-M12 for sink applications operated with a battery can be provided by an MCU 3.3 V GPIO in order to drop the power consumption in “cable not attached” condition down to 0 nA. This low power mode will extend the battery operating life when no source equipment is attached.

The TCPP01-M12 can also be used to protect source (provider) applications, and it can support programmable power supply feature from the USB-C power delivery specification.


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