Datasheet STMicroelectronics STPMIC1


14 Output Rails PMIC 4 Adjustable Constant ON Time (COT) Buck SMPS converters BOOST with Bypass, LDO for Memory Power Supply


Datasheet STPMIC1
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Highly integrated power management IC for micro processor units
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Подробное описание

The STPMIC1 is a fully integrated power management IC designed for products based on high integrated application processor designs requiring low power and high efficiency.

The device integrates advanced low power features controlled by a host processor via I²C and IO interface.
The STPMIC1 regulators are designed to supply power to the application processor as well as to the external system peripherals such as: DDR, Flash memories and other system devices.
The boost converter can power up to 3 USB ports (two 500 mA host USB and one 100 mA USB OTG).

Its advanced bypass architecture allows the smooth regulation of VBUS for USB ports from a battery as well as low-cost consumer 5 V AC-DC adapters.
4 buck SMPS are optimized to provide an excellent transient response and an output voltage precision for a wide range of operating conditions, high full range efficiency (η up to 90%) by implementing a low power mode with a smooth transition from PFM to PWM and also an advanced PWM synchronization technique with an integrated PLL for a better noise (EMI performance).


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КорпусWFQFN 44L 5X6X0.8 PITCH 0.4WFQFN 44L 5X6X0.8 PITCH 0.4WFQFN 44L 5X6X0.8 PITCH 0.4

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