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4 x 50 W class-D digital input power amplifier with load current monitoring and low voltage operation


Datasheet FDA901
PDF, 311 Кб, Язык: анг., Файл закачен: 6 мар 2020, Страниц: 17
4 x 50 W class-D digital input power amplifier with load current monitoring and low voltage operation
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Подробное описание

FDA901 is a new BCD technology Quad Bridge class D amplifier, specially intended for car radio automotive applications.

Thanks to the technology used, it is possible to integrate a high performance D/A converter together with powerful MOSFET outputs in class D, to get an outstanding efficiency compared to the standard class AB.
The integrated D/A converter allows to reach outstanding performances (115 dB S/N ratio with 110 dB of dynamic range).

The feedback loop includes the output L-C low-pass filter, allowing superior frequency response linearity and lower distortion independently from the inductor and capacitor quality.
FDA901 is fully configurable through I2C bus, moreover it includes not only the most complete load diagnostic matrix but also a unique real time load current acquisition on I2C and I2S data lines, enabling sophisticated speaker monitoring functions.
Thanks to the solutions implemented to contain EMI emissions, the device is intended to be used in the standard single DIN car-radio box together with the tuner.
Moreover the FDA901 is able to work with power supply as low as 6 V, thus supporting the most recent low voltage ('start-stop') car-makers specification.


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