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Dual- Single-Port USB-C Power Delivery


Preliminary Datasheet EZ-PD CCG6DF, CCG6SF
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USB Type-C Port Controller
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EZ-PD CCG6DF and EZ-PD CCG6SF are Cypress’ dual-port and single-port USB-C™ and Power Delivery controllers targeting PCs and Notebooks.

CCG6DF/CCG6SF integrates a VBUS provider path load switch controller along with USB authentication support, VBUS-to-CC short protection, VBUS-to-SBU short protection, 20V-VBUS regulator, high-voltage NFET gate drivers for VBUS Consumer path, SBU pass-through and USB HS mux.

CCG6DF/CCG6SF supports Dual Role Port (DRP) and will fully support the Power Delivery 3.0 specification. CCG6DF/CCG6SF is a programmable solution with 64KB flash and 96-KB ROM supporting fail-safe boot up and firmware upgrade.

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