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National Semiconductor LM48860TL

Наименование модели: LM48860TL

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Производитель: National Semiconductor

Описание: CLASS D усилитель, STERO, 0.04 Вт, 12MICRO

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LM48860 Ground-Referenced, Ultra Low Noise, Fixed Gain Stereo Headphone Amplifier
February 14, 2008
LM48860 Ground-Referenced, Ultra Low Noise, Fixed Gain Stereo Headphone Amplifier
General Description
The LM48860 is a ground referenced, fixed-gain audio power amplifier capable of delivering 40mW per channel of continuous average power into a 16 single-ended load with less than 1% THD+N from a 3V power supply.

The LM48860 features a new circuit technology that utilizes a charge pump to generate a negative reference voltage. This allows the outputs to be biased about ground, thereby eliminating output-coupling capacitors typically used with normal single-ended loads. Boomer audio power amplifiers were designed specifically to provide high quality output power with a minimal amount of external components. The LM48860 does not require output coupling capacitors or bootstrap capacitors, and therefore is ideally suited for mobile phone and other low voltage applications where minimal powe


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Аудиоусилитель для наушников, класс D, стерео, 40 mW, Iпотр. = 4мА, Uпит=2V to 5.5V
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