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National Semiconductor LMH6704MF

Наименование модели: LMH6704MF

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Производитель: National Semiconductor

Описание: BUFFER, PROGRAMMABLE, 6704, SOT-23-6

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LMH6704 650 MHz Programmable Gain Buffer with Disable
May 2005
LMH6704 650 MHz Programmable Gain Buffer with Disable
General Description
The LMHTM6704 is a very wideband, DC coupled programmable gain buffer designed specifically for wide dynamic range systems requiring exceptional signal fidelity.

The LMH6704 includes on chip feedback and gain set resistors, simplifying PCB layout while providing user programmable gains of +1, +2 and -1 V/V. The LMH6704 provides a disable pin, which places the amplifier in a high output impedance, low power mode. The Disable pin may be allowed to float high. With a 650 MHz Small Signal Bandwidth (AV = +1), full power gain flatness to 200 MHz, and excellent Differential Gain and Phase, the LMH6704 is optimized for video applications. High resolution video systems will benefit from the LMH6704's ability to drive multiple video loads at low levels of differential gain or differential phase distortion. The LMH6704 is constructed with National's proprieta


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