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National Semiconductor LMP2231BMAE

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Производитель: National Semiconductor

Описание: ИС, операционный усилитель, прецизионный, POWERWISE

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LMP2231 Single Micropower, 1.8V, Precision, Operational Amplifier with CMOS Inputs
February 7, 2008
LMP2231 Single Micropower, 1.8V, Precision Operational Amplifier with CMOS Inputs
General Description
The LMP2231 is a single micropower precision amplifier designed for battery powered applications.

The 1.8V to 5.0V guaranteed supply voltage range and quiescent power consumption of only 18 W extend the battery life in portable battery operated systems. The LMP2231 is part of the LMP® precision amplifier family. The high impedance CMOS input makes it ideal for instrumentation and other sensor interface applications. The LMP2231 has a maximum offset of 150 µV and maximum offset voltage drift of only 0.4 µV/°C along with low bias current of only ±20 fA. These precise specifications make the LMP2231 a great choice for maintaining system accuracy and long term stability. The LMP2231 has a rail-to-rail output that swings 15 mV from the supply voltage, which increases system dynamic range. T

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