Datasheet ISL9209IRZ - Intersil Даташит ИС, CHARGING SYSTEM безопасность, 12DFN

Наименование модели: ISL9209IRZ

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Производитель: Intersil

Описание: ИС, CHARGING SYSTEM безопасность, 12DFN

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Data Sheet April 25, 2006 FN6274.0
Charging System Safety Circuit
The ISL9209 is an integrated circuit (IC) optimized to provide a redundant safety protection to a Li-ion battery from failures of a charging system.

The IC monitors the input voltage, the battery voltage, and the charge current. When any of the three parameters exceeds its limit, the IC turns off an internal P-channel MOSFET to remove the power from the charging system. In addition to the above protected parameters, the IC also monitors its own internal temperature and turns off the P-channel MOSFET when the temperature exceeds 140°C. Together with the battery charger IC and the protection module in a battery pack, the charging system using the ISL9209 has triple-level protection and is two-fault tolerant. The IC is designed to turn on the internal PFET slowly to avoid inrush current at power up but will turn off the PFET quickly when the input is overvoltage in order to remove the power before any damage occ


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