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ОписаниеUltralow Distortion, Ultralow Noise Op Amp (single)
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Single and Dual, Ultralow. Distortion, Ultralow Noise Op Amps. Data Sheet. AD8597/. AD8599. FEATURES. PIN CONFIGURATIONS

Datasheet AD8597, AD8599 Analog Devices, Версия: F

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Single and Dual, Ultralow Distortion, Ultralow Noise Op Amps Data Sheet AD8597/ AD8599 FEATURES PIN CONFIGURATIONS Low noise: 1.1 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz NC 1 8 NC Low distortion: −120 dB THD at 1 kHz –IN 2 AD8597 7 V+ Input noise, 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz: <76 nV p-p +IN 3 TOP VIEW 6 OUT (Not to Scale)
Slew rate: 14 V/μs V– 4 5 NC
06 4-
Wide bandwidth: 10 MHz
Supply current: 4.8 mA/amp typical
Figure 1. AD8597 8-Lead SOIC (R-8)
Low offset voltage: 10 μV typical CMRR: 120 dB Unity-gain stable PIN 1 NC 1 ±15 V operation INDICATOR 8 NC –IN 2 7 V+ AD8597 APPLICATIONS +IN 3 6 OUT TOP VIEW V– 4 5 NC Professional audio preamplifiers ATE/precision testers NOTES Imaging systems 1. NC = NO CONNECT.
Medical/physiological measurements
TO V–.
Precision detectors/instruments
Figure 2. AD8597 8-Lead LFCSP (CP-8-2)
Precision data conversion OUT A 1 8 +V –IN A 2 AD8599 7 OUT B +IN A 3 TOP VIEW 6 –IN B
54 0
–V (Not to Scale) 4 5 +IN B
4- 27 06 Figure 3. AD8599 8-Lead SOIC (R-8)
The AD8597/AD8599 are very low noise, low distortion opera- The AD8597 is available in 8-lead SOIC and LFCSP packages, tional amplifiers ideal for use as preamplifiers. The low noise of while the AD8599 is available in an 8-lead SOIC package. They 1.1 nV/√Hz and low harmonic distortion of −120 dB (or better) are both specified over a −40°C to +125°C temperature range. at audio bandwidths give the AD8597/AD8599 the wide dynamic The AD8597 and AD8599 are members of a growing series of range necessary for preamplifiers in audio, medical, and instru- low noise op amps offered by Analog Devices, Inc. (see Table 1). mentation applications. The excellent slew rate of 14 V/μs and 10 MHz gain bandwidth make them highly suitable for medical
Table 1. Low Noise Op Amps
applications. The low distortion and fast settling time make
Package 0.9 nV 1.1 nV 1.8 nV 2.8 nV 3.8 nV
them ideal for buffering of high resolution data converters. Single AD797 AD8597 ADA4004-1 AD8675 AD8671 Dual AD8599 ADA4004-2 AD8676 AD8672 Quad ADA4004-4 AD8674
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