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ОписаниеLow Voltage Dual Precision, Micropower Op Amp
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Precision, Low Power, Micropower. Dual Operational Amplifier. OP290. FEATURES. PIN CONNECTIONS

Datasheet OP290 Analog Devices, Версия: C

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Precision, Low Power, Micropower Dual Operational Amplifier OP290 FEATURES PIN CONNECTIONS Single-/dual-supply operation: 1.6 V to 36 V, ±0.8 V to ±18 V OP290 True single-supply operation; input and output voltage OUT A 1 8 V+ Input/output ranges include ground –IN A 2 7 OUT B Low supply current (per amplifier), 20 µA maximum A B + + +IN A 3 High output drive, 5 mA minimum 6 –IN B
Low input offset voltage, 200 µV typical V– 4 5 +IN B
High open-loop gain, 400 V/mV minimum
Figure 1. PDIP (P-Suffix)
Outstanding PSRR, 5.6 µV/V maximum Industry standard 8-Mead dual pinout GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The OP290 is a high performance micropower dual op amp that common-mode rejection is better than 100 dB. The power operates from a single supply of 1.6 V to 36 V or from dual supply rejection ratio of under 5.6 μV/V minimizes offset supplies of ±0.8 V to ±18 V. Input voltage range includes the voltage changes experienced in battery-powered systems. The negative rail allowing the OP290 to accommodate input signals low offset voltage and high gain offered by the OP290 bring down to ground in single-supply operation. The OP290 output precision performance to micropower applications. The swing also includes ground when operating from a single minimal voltage and current requirements of the OP290 suit it supply, enabling zero-in, zero-out operation. for battery- and solar-powered applications, such as portable The OP290 draws less than 20 μA of quiescent supply current instruments, remote sensors, and satellites. For a single op amp, per amplifier, while being able to deliver over 5 mA of output see the OP90; for a quad, see the OP490. current to a load. Input offset voltage is below 200 μV, eliminat- ing the need for external nulling. Gain exceeds 700,000 and
00327- Figure 2. Simplified Schematic (One of Two Amplifiers Is Shown)
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