Datasheet LTC3330 (Analog Devices)

ПроизводительAnalog Devices
ОписаниеNanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC with Energy Harvesting Battery Life Extender
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FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. Dual Input, Single Output DC/DCs with Input. Prioritizer

Datasheet LTC3330 Analog Devices

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LTC3330 Nanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC with Energy Harvesting Battery Life Extender
Dual Input, Single Output DC/DCs with Input
The LTC®3330 integrates a high voltage energy harvesting
power supply plus a DC/DC converter powered by a primary n
Energy Harvesting Input: 3.0V to 19V Buck DC/DC
cell battery to create a single output supply for alternative n
Primary Cell Input: 1.8V to 5.5V Buck-Boost DC/DC
energy applications. The energy harvesting power sup- n
Zero Battery IQ When Energy Harvesting Source is
ply, consisting of an integrated full-wave bridge rectifier
and a high voltage buck converter, harvests energy from n
Ultralow Quiescent Current: 750nA at No-Load
piezoelectric, solar, or magnetic sources. The primary cell n
Low Noise LDO Post Regulator
input powers a buck-boost converter capable of opera- n Integrated Supercapacitor Balancer tion down to 1.8V at its input. Either DC/DC converter n Up to 50mA of Output Current can deliver energy to a single output. The buck operates n Programmable DC/DC and LDO Output Voltages, when harvested energy is available, reducing the quiescent Buck UVLO, and Buck-Boost Peak Input Current current draw on the battery to essentially zero, thereby n Integrated Low Loss Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier extending the life of the battery. The buck-boost powers n Input Protective Shunt: Up to 25mA at VIN ≥ 20V VOUT only when harvested energy goes away. n 5mm × 5mm QFN-32 Package A low noise LDO post regulator and a supercapacitor balancer are also integrated, accommodating a wide range
of output storage configurations. Voltage and current set- n Energy Harvesting tings for both inputs and outputs are programmable via n Solar Powered Systems with Primary Cell Backup pin-strapped logic inputs. The LTC3330 is available in a n Wireless HVAC Sensors and Security Devices 5mm × 5mm QFN-32 package. n Mobile Asset Tracking L, LT, LTC, LTM, Linear Technology and the Linear logo are registered trademarks and PowerPath is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
TYPICAL APPLICATION Extended Battery Life with
Energy Harvesting
+ 3V TO 19V MIDE VIN SW SOLAR V25W 22µF 1µF LTC3330 22µH PANEL VOUT 25V 6.3V SWA 50mV/DIV – AC-COUPLED 4.7µF, 6.3V CAP SWB V 1.8V TO 5V IN2 VOUT 50mA EH_ON LDO_IN 2V/DIV 47µF 0V BAT SCAP 10mF 6.3V + 2.7V PRIMARY 4.7µF BAL ACTIVE ENERGY CELL 6.3V IBAT HARVESTER 1.8V TO 5.5V 3 10mF OUT[2:0] 100mA/DIV 2.7V REDUCES BATTERY CURRENT TO ZERO 3 LDO[2:0] EH_ON 0A 3 OPTIONAL IPK[2:0] PGVOUT 200µs/DIV 3330 TA01b BAT = 3.6V 4 UV[3:0] PGLDO VOUT = 1.8V ILOAD = 50mA LDO_EN LDO_OUT 1.2V TO 3.3V 50mA V GND IN3 1µF 22µF 6.3V 6.3V 3330 TA01a 3330fc For more information 1 Document Outline Features Applications Description Typical Application Absolute Maximum Ratings Electrical Characteristics Typical Performance Characteristics Pin Functions Block Diagram Operation Applications Package Description Revision History Typical Application Related Parts