Datasheet LT1468-2 (Analog Devices)

ПроизводительAnalog Devices
Описание200MHz, 30V/μs 16-Bit Accurate AV ≥ 2 Op Amp
Страниц / Страница14 / 1 — FeaTures. DescripTion. Stable in Gain AV ≥ 2 (AV = –1). 200MHz Gain …
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FeaTures. DescripTion. Stable in Gain AV ≥ 2 (AV = –1). 200MHz Gain Bandwidth Product. 30V/μs Slew Rate

Datasheet LT1468-2 Analog Devices

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LT1468-2 200MHz, 30V/µs 16-Bit Accurate AV ≥ 2 Op Amp
FeaTures DescripTion
Stable in Gain AV ≥ 2 (AV = –1)
The LT®1468-2 is a precision high speed operational ampli- n
200MHz Gain Bandwidth Product
fier with 16-bit accuracy, decompensated to be stable in a n
30V/μs Slew Rate
gain of 2 or greater. The combination of precision and AC n
Settling Time: 800ns (10V Step, 150µV)
performance makes the LT1468-2 the optimum choice for n
Specified at ±5V and ±15V Supplies
high accuracy applications such as DAC current-to-voltage n Low Distortion, – 96.5dB for 100kHz, 10VP-P conversion and ADC buffers. The initial accuracy and drift n

Maximum Input Offset Voltage: 75µV characteristics of the input offset voltage and inverting n

Maximum Input Offset Voltage Drift: 2µV/°C input bias current are tailored for inverting applications. n Maximum (–) Input Bias Current: 10nA The 200MHz gain bandwidth ensures high open-loop gain n Minimum DC Gain: 1000V/mV at frequency for reducing distortion. In noninverting ap- n Minimum Output Swing into 2k: ±12.8V plications such as an ADC buffer, the low distortion and n Input Noise Voltage: 5nV/√Hz DC accuracy allow full 16-bit AC and DC performance. n Input Noise Current: 0.6pA/√Hz The high slew rate of the LT1468-2 improves large-signal n Total Input Noise Optimized for 1k < RS < 20k performance in applications such as active filters and n Available in an 8-Lead Plastic SO Package instrumentation amplifiers compared to other precision and 8-Lead DFN Package op amps.
The LT1468-2 is specified on power supply voltages of ±5V and ±15V and from –40°C to 85°C. For a unity-gain n stable op amp with same DC performance, see the LT1468 16-Bit DAC Current-to-Voltage Converter n data sheet. Precision Instrumentation L, LT, LTC, LTM, Linear Technology and the Linear logo are registered trademarks of Linear n ADC Buffer Technology Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. n Low Distortion Active Filters n High Accuracy Data Acquisition Systems n Photodiode Amplifiers
Typical applicaTion 16-Bit DAC I-to-V Converter Large Signal Transient, AV = –1
VS = ±15V 10V A 20pF V = –1 RF = RG = 2k 16 C 6k F = 22pF DAC INPUTS – 2k 2V/DIV LT1468-2 VOUT LTC®1597 + 50pF 0V OFFSET: VOS + IB (6kΩ) < 1LSB OPTIONAL NOISE FILTER SETTLING TIME TO 150µV = 1.6µs SETTLING LIMITED BY 6k AND 20pF TO COMPENSATE DAC OUTPUT CAPACITANCE 200ns/DIV 14682 TA01 14682 TA02 14682fb 1 Document Outline Features Applications Description Typical Application Absolute Maximum Ratings Pin Configuration Order Information Electrical Characteristics Typical Performance Characteristics Applications Information Simplified Schematic Package Description Revision History Typical Application Related Parts