Datasheet BL-HJTGTBT39P-TRB (American Bright)

ПроизводительAmerican Bright
ОписаниеRGB LED device with built-in IC
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BRIGHT LED ELECTRONICS CORP. Features:. Package Dimensions:. Applications:. Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25. Parameter Symbol. Range

Datasheet BL-HJTGTBT39P-TRB American Bright

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1. Emitted Color: Red, Green, Blue, ●
Package Dimensions:
2. Lens Appearance: Water Clear. 3. 4.1x1.95x1.52mm standard package. 4.10 1.95 4. Suitable for all SMT assembly methods. 5. Compatible with infrared and vapor phase 2 5 reflow solder process. 1.95 1. 6. Compatible with automatic placement 7. This product doesn’t contain restriction Substance, comply ROHS standard. 8. 256 level Color set. 9. High contrast. 10. Built-in support for continuous oscillation 1 2 3 4 PWM output can be maintained static screen. DIN VDD DOUT VSS 11. Its function will be automatically reset when power on and power off. 12. Single lane data transfer. 13. Transmission distance is beyond 10M. 14. Oscillator Frequency : 800KHZ NOTES: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is ±0.10mm (0.004”) unless otherwise specified. 3. Specifications are subject to change without notice. ●
1. Large LED Display. 2. Soft Light Bar. 3. Full Color Display.

Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25
℃ VSS=0V
) Parameter Symbol Range Unit
Supply voltage Vin 3.5~5.5 V Input Voltage Vi -0.4~VDD+0.4 V Operating Temperature Topt -40℃~80℃ - Storage Temperature Tstg -40℃~105℃ - Soldering Temperature Tsol See Page 6 - Ver1.0 Page: 1 of 8
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