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Datasheet Addendum XPP536156.250000I (IDT)

Описание150fs Quartz-based PLL Oscillator
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156.250000 MHz Crystal. XPP536156.250000I. Oscillator. Datasheet Addendum. General Configuration. Parameter. Value. Pin Assignment

Datasheet Addendum XPP536156.250000I IDT, Версия: 20190520

K12T(M) – новые PoL-стабилизаторы от MORNSUN для питания процессоров и иных компонентов в архитектуре распределенного питания

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156.250000 MHz Crystal XPP536156.250000I Oscillator Datasheet Addendum General Configuration Parameter Value
Jitter < 150 fs Package 5 x 3.2 mm Output Frequency 156.250000 MHz Frequency Stability ± 25 ppm VDD Voltage 3.3 V Output Type LVPECL Output Enable/Disable Position (E/D) Position Pin 1 Temperature Grade -40°C to +85°C
Pin Assignment Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 OE Output Enable (0 = output disabled; pulled high internally) 2 NC No connect 3 GND Connect to ground 4 Output 0 Output 5 Output 0b Complementary output 6 VDD Supply voltage 7 SDA (NA) Serial data (Not active for XO mode) 8 SCL (NA) Serial Clock (Not active for XO mode)
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