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Datasheet LT8316 (Analog Devices)

ПроизводительAnalog Devices
Описание600VIN Micropower No-Opto Isolated Flyback Controller
Страниц / Страница26 / 1 — FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. Wide Input Voltage Range: 16V to 600V. No …
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FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. Wide Input Voltage Range: 16V to 600V. No Opto-Isolator Required for Regulation

Datasheet LT8316 Analog Devices

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ИС Коммутационный контроллер, TSSOP-20, Flyback, 1 Output, 3.5 kHz to 140 kHz
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Analog Devices
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LT8316 600VIN Micropower No-Opto Isolated Flyback Controller
Wide Input Voltage Range: 16V to 600V
The LT®8316 is a micropower, high voltage flyback con- n
No Opto-Isolator Required for Regulation
troller. No opto-isolator is needed for regulation. The n
Quasi-Resonant Boundary Mode Operation
device samples the output voltage from the isolated fly- n
Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage Regulation
back waveform appearing across a third winding on the n Low-Ripple Light Load Burst Mode® Operation transformer. Quasi-resonant boundary mode operation n Low Quiescent Current: 75μA improves load regulation, reduces transformer size, and n Programmable Current Limit and Soft-Start maintains high efficiency. n TSSOP Package with High-Voltage Spacing At start-up, the LT8316 charges its INTVCC capacitor via a high voltage current source. During normal operation,
the current source turns off and the device draws its power from a third winding on the transformer minimiz- n Isolated Telecom, Automotive, Industrial, Medical ing standby power dissipation. Power Supplies n The LT8316 operates from a wide range of input supply Isolated Off-Line Housekeeping Power Supplies n voltages and can deliver up to 100W of power. It is avail- Electric Vehicles and Battery Stacks n able in a thermally enhanced 20-pin TSSOP package with Multioutput Isolated Power Supplies for Inverter Gate four pins removed for high-voltage spacing. Drives All registered trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
TYPICAL APPLICATION 16VIN to 600VIN Isolated 12VOUT Supply Efficiency
VIN 95 16V TO 600V 8:1:1 90 4.7µF 47pF 8.44µH VOUT+ 12V 85 10k 44.2k V BIAS 1300µF IN 8.44µH EN/UVLO DCM 80 VOUT– EFFICIENCY (%) FB 540µH VIN = 20V INTVCC 30mA TO 800mA (V V 108k 4.99k IN = 20V) IN = 80V 75 4.7µF LT8316 30mA TO 3A (VIN = 80V) VIN = 160V TC 50mA TO 4A (VIN = 160V TO 600V) VIN = 320V SMODE M1 VIN = 600V GATE 70 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 VC SENSE LOAD CURRENT (A) 8316 TA01b 20k IREG/SS GND 40mΩ 100nF 61.9k 8316 TA01a Rev. 0 Document Feedback For more information www.analog.com 1 Document Outline Features Applications Typical Application Description Absolute Maximum Ratings Order Information Pin Configuration Electrical Characteristics Typical Performance Characteristics Pin Functions Block Diagram Operation Applications Information Package Description Typical Application Related Parts
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