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BC846A-BC848C. Absolute Maximum Ratings. Characteristic Symbol. Value. Unit. Thermal Characteristics. ESD Ratings. JEDEC. Class

BC846A-BC848C Absolute Maximum Ratings Characteristic Symbol Value Unit Thermal Characteristics ESD Ratings JEDEC Class

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BC846A-BC848C Absolute Maximum Ratings
(@TA = +25°C, unless otherwise specified.)
Characteristic Symbol Value Unit
BC846 80 Collector-Base Voltage BC847 VCBO V 50 BC848 30 BC846 65 Collector-Emitter Voltage BC847 VCEO V 45 BC848 30 BC846, BC847 6.0 Emitter-Base Voltage VEBO V BC848 5.0 Continuous Collector Current IC 100 mA Peak Collector Current ICM 200 mA Peak Emitter Current IEM 200 mA
Thermal Characteristics
(@TA = +25°C, unless otherwise specified.)
Characteristic Symbol Value Unit
(Note 6) 310 Power Dissipation PD mW (Note 7) 350 (Note 6) 403 Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient RθJA C/W (Note 7) 357 Thermal Resistance, Junction to Leads (Note 8) RθJL 350 C/W Operating and Storage Temperature Range TJ,TSTG -65 to +150 C
ESD Ratings
(Note 9)
Characteristic Symbol Value Unit JEDEC Class
Electrostatic Discharge - Human Body Model ESD HBM 4,000 V 3A Electrostatic Discharge - Machine Model ESD MM 400 V C Notes: 6. For a device mounted on minimum recommended pad layout 1oz copper that is on a single-sided FR4 PCB; device is measured under still air conditions whilst operating in a steady-state. 7. Same as note (6), except the device is mounted on 15 mm x 15mm 1oz copper. 8. Thermal resistance from junction to solder-point (at the end of the leads). 9. Refer to JEDEC specification JESD22-A114 and JESD22-A115. BC846A – BC848C 2 of 7 December 2013 Document Number: DS11108 Rev. 26 - 2
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