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ПроизводительAnalog Devices
ОписаниеDual 30A or Single 60A µModule Regulator with Digital Power System Management
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LTM4680 Dual 30A or Single 60A µModule Regulator with Digital Power System Management
n Dual 30A or Single 60A Digitally Adjustable Analog The LTM®4680 is a dual 30A or single 60A step-down Loops with Digital Interface for Control and Monitoring µModule® (power module) DC/DC regulator featuring n Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 16V remote configurability and telemetry-monitoring of power n Output Voltage Range: 0.5V to 3.3V management parameters over PMBus—an open stan- n 90% Full Load Efficiency from 12VIN to 1VOUT at 60A dard I2C-based digital interface protocol. The LTM4680 n ±0.5% Maximum DC Output Error Over Temperature is comprised of digitally programmable analog control n ±2.5% Current Readback Accuracy (25°C to 125°C) loops, precision mixed-signal circuitry, EEPROM, power n Integrated Input Current Sense Amplifier MOSFETs, inductors and supporting components. n 400kHz PMBus-Compliant I2C Serial Interface The LTM4680 product video is available on the website. n Supports Telemetry Polling Rates up to 125Hz n Constant Frequency Current Mode Control The LTM4680’s 2-wire serial interface al ows outputs n Parallel and Current Share Multiple Modules to be margined, tuned and ramped up and down at pro- n Pin Compatible with LTM4678 grammable slew rates with sequencing delay times. True n 16mm × 16mm × 7.82mm BGA Package input current sense, output currents and voltages, output
Readable Data:
power, temperatures, uptime and peak values are read- n Input and Output Voltages, Currents, and Temperatures able. Custom configuration of the EEPROM contents is not n Running Peak Values, Uptime, Faults and Warnings required. At start-up, output voltages, switching frequency, n Onboard EEPROM Fault Log Record and channel phase angle assignments can be set by pin-
Writable Data and Configurable Parameters:
strapping resistors. The LTpowerPlay® GUI and DC1613 n Output Voltage, Voltage Sequencing and Margining USB-to-PMBus converter and demo kits are available. n Digital Soft-Start/Stop Ramp, Program Analog Loop The LTM4680 is offered in a 16mm × 16mm × 7.82mm n OV/UV/OT, UVLO, Frequency and Phasing BGA package available with SnPb or RoHS compliant ter- minal finish. Pin compatible with LTM4678.
All registered trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Protected n System Optimization, Characterization and Data Mining by U.S. Patents including 5408150, 5481178, 5705919, 5929620, 6144194, 6177787, 6580258, 7420359, 8163643. Licensed under U.S. Patent 7000125 and other related patents worldwide. in Prototype, Production and Field Environments
Click to view associated Video Design Idea. TYPICAL APPLICATION Dual 30A µModule Regulator with Digital Interface for Control and Monitoring* Efficiency vs Current at 12V Input
100 V 4.5V to 16V OUT0 (FROM V IN+ OUT0 ADJUSTABLE 95 4.5V TO 5.75V, UP TO 30A R + SENSE VOSNS0 CONNECT 22µF 100µF LOAD0 90 VIN, SVIN ×5 IN– ×8 V – AND INTVCC V OSNS0 IN1 V 85 TOGETHER) VIN0 V OUT1 OUT1 SV ADJUSTABLE IN V + OSNS1 UP TO 30A 80 RUN1 LTM4680 LOAD1 100µF ON/OFF CONTROL EFFICIENCY (%) RUN0 ×8 V – 75 OSNS1 FAULT0 FAULT INTERRUPTS FAULT1 70 I2C/SMBus I/F WITH PMBus 1.0V, 250kHz SCL 1.5V, 425kHz SYNC COMMAND SET TO/FROM SDA SYNCHRONIZATION TIME-BASE 65 SHARE_CLK IPMI OR OTHER BOARD 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 REGISTER WRITE PROTECTION ALERT MANAGEMENT CONTROLLER WP SGND GND LOAD CURRENT (A) 4680 TA01b 4680 TA01a *FOR COMPLETE CIRCUIT, SEE FIGURE 46 Rev. A Document Feedback For more information 1 Document Outline Features Applications Typical Application Description Table of Contents Absolute Maximum Ratings Order Information Pin Configuration Electrical Characteristics Typical Performance Characteristics Pin Functions Simplified Block Diagram Decoupling Requirements Functional Diagram Test Circuits Operation Power Module Introduction Power Module Overview, Major Features EEPROM with ECC Power-Up and Initialization Soft-Start Time-Based Sequencing Voltage-Based Sequencing Shutdown Light-Load Current Operation Switching Frequency and Phase PWM Loop Compensation Output Voltage Sensing INTVCC/EXTVCC Power Output Current Sensing and Sub Milliohm DCR Current Sensing Input Current Sensing PolyPhase Load Sharing External/Internal Temperature Sense RCONFIG (Resistor Configuration) Pins Table 1. VOUTn_CFG Pin Strapping Look-Up Table for the LTM4680’s Output Voltage, Coarse Setting (Not Applicable if MFR_CONFIG_ALL[6] = 1b) Table 2. VTRIMn_CFG Pin Strapping Look-Up Table for the LTM4680’s Output Voltage, Fine Adjustment Setting (Not Applicable if MFR_CONFIG_ALL[6] = 1b) Table 3. FSWPH_CFG Pin Strapping Look-Up Table to Set the LTM4680’s Switching Frequency and Channel Phase-Interleaving Angle (Not Applicable if MFR_CONFIG_ALL[6] = 1b) Table 4. ASEL Pin Strapping Look-Up Table to Set the LTM4680’s Slave Address (Applicable Regardless of MFR_CONFIG_ALL[6] Setting) Table 5. LTM4680 MFR_ADDRESS Command Examples Expressed in 7- and 8-Bit Addressing Fault Detection and Handling Status Registers and ALERT Masking Figure 5. LTM4680 Status Register Summary Mapping Faults to FAULT Pins Power Good Pins CRC Protection Serial Interface Communication Protection Device Addressing Responses to VOUT and IIN/IOUT Faults Output Overvoltage Fault Response Output Undervoltage Response Peak Output Overcurrent Fault Response Responses to Timing Faults Responses to VIN OV Faults Responses to OT/UT Faults Internal Overtemperature Fault Response External Overtemperature and Undertemperature Fault Response Responses to Input Overcurrent and Output Undercurrent Faults Responses to External Faults Fault Logging Bus Timeout Protection Similarity Between PMBus, SMBus and I2C 2-Wire Interface PMBus Serial Digital Interface Table 6. Abbreviations of Supported Data Formats Figure 6. PMBus Timing Diagram Figures 7 to 24 PMBus Protocols PMBus Command Summary PMBus Commands Table 7. PMBus Commands Summary (Note: The Data Format Abbreviations Are Detailed in Table 8) Table 8. Data Format Abbreviations Applications Information VIN to VOUT Step-Down Ratios Input Capacitors Output Capacitors Light Load Current Operation Switching Frequency and Phase Output Current Limit Programming Minimum On-Time Considerations Variable Delay Time, Soft-Start and Output Voltage Ramping Digital Servo Mode Soft Off (Sequenced Off) Undervoltage Lockout Fault Detection and Handling Open-Drain Pins Phase-Locked Loop and Frequency Synchronization Input Current Sense Amplifier Programmable Loop Compensation Checking Transient Response PolyPhase Configuration Connecting The USB to I2C/SMBus/PMBus Controller to the LTM4680 In System LTpowerPlay: An Interactive GUI for Digital Power PMBus Communication and Command Processing Thermal Considerations and Output Current Derating Tables 10 thru 11: Output Current Derating Table 12. Channel Output Voltage vs Capacitor Selection, All Ceramic Configuration, 15A to 30A Load Step with 15A/µs Slew Rate Table 13. Channel Output Voltage vs Capacitor Selection, Bulk and Ceramic Cap Configuration, 15A to 30A Load Step with 15A/µs Slew Rate Table 14. Dual Phase Single Output Voltage vs Capacitor Selection, Bulk and Ceramic Cap Configuration, 30A to 60A Load Step with 30A/µs Slew Rate Derating Curves EMI Performance Safety Considerations Layout Checklist/Example Typical Applications PMBus Command Details Addressing and Write Protect General Configuration Commands On/Off/Margin PWM Configuration Voltage Input Voltage and Limits Output Voltage and Limits Output Current and Limits Input Current and Limits Temperature Power Stage DCR Temperature Calibration Timing Timing—On Sequence/Ramp Timing—Off Sequence/Ramp Precondition for Restart Fault Response Fault Responses All Faults Fault Responses Input Voltage Fault Responses Output Voltage Fault Responses Output Current Fault Responses IC Temperature Fault Responses External Temperature Fault Sharing Fault Sharing Propagation Fault Sharing Response Scratchpad Identification Fault Warning and Status Telemetry NVM Memory Commands Store/Restore Fault Logging Block Memory Write/Read Package Description Table 23. 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