Datasheet MAF1608G (TDK)

ОписаниеNoise suppression filter
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E M C C o m p o n e n t s. Noise suppression filter. For audio lines (Cellular band suppression). REACH. Halogen. Lead. RoHS

Datasheet MAF1608G TDK

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E M C C o m p o n e n t s Noise suppression filter Cl Pb Br For audio lines (Cellular band suppression) REACH Halogen Lead RoHS MAF series SVHC-Free Free Free MAF1608G type FEATURES
A compact noise suppression component for audio lines that accommodates high currents. Distortions are greatly reduced during insertion with the adoption of newly-developed low distortion ferrite materials. Small reductions in volume due to its low resistance, and optimal for devices that require high sound quality as the generating of sound distortions is controlled. Shows excellent effects in measures against the deterioration of the receiving sensitivity of wireless devices due to high attenuation characteristics in the cellular band. High efficacy is put for high frequency noise suppression of class-D amplifier harmonics. Operating temperature range: –55 to +125°C
Sound lines for devices such as smartphones and tablets (earphones, microphones, and speakers). Sound lines for portable game machines.
MAF 1608 G AD 471 C T 000
L×W×T dimensions Impedance Internal Internal Packaging Series name 1.6×0.8x0.6 mm Characteristics Internal code code ( ) at 900MHz code style 1.6×0.8x0.8 mm CHARACTERISTICS SPECIFICATION TABLE Impedance DC resistance Rated current

Thickness Part No. [100MHz] [900MHz] [1.7GHz] ( )Typ. ( )Typ. ( )min. ( )Typ. ( )Typ. ( )max. (A)max. (mm)max.
20 120 72 90 0.021 0.027 3.2 0.75 MAF1608GAD121LTAH0 30 200 120 160 0.045 0.059 2.3 0.75 MAF1608GAD201LTAH0 60 470 290 350 0.060 0.075 1.6 0.75 MAF1608GAD471LTAH0 60 470 290 270 0.060 0.075 1.6 0.95 MAF1608GAD471CT000 120 600 400 270 0.110 0.150 1.0 0.95 MAF1608GAD601CT000 Please refer to the graph of rated current vs. temperature characteristics (derating) about the rating current at 85°C or more in temperature of the product. Measurement equipment Measurement item Product No. Manufacturer Impedance E4991A+16192A Keysight Technologies DC resistance Type-7556 Yokogawa * Equivalent measurement equipment may be used. Rated current vs. temperature characteristics (derating) 3.5 3.0 MAF1608GAD121L ) 2.5 MAF1608GAD201L ( Ax a 2.0 MAF1608GAD471L MAF1608GAD471C 1.5 Itemp M MAF1608GAD601C 1.0 0.5 0.0 –55 –35 –15 5 25 45 65 85 105 125 Temperature (°C) Please be sure to request delivery specifications that provide further details on the features and specifications of the products for proper and safe use. (1/4) Please note that the contents may change without any prior notice due to reasons such as upgrading. 20190830