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Datasheet PI6CB33401 (Diodes)

ОписаниеVery Low Power 4-Output PCIe Clock Buffer With On-Chip Termination
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Lead-free Green. PI6CB33401. Very Low Power 4-Output PCIe Clock Buffer With On-Chip Termination. Features. Description

Datasheet PI6CB33401 Diodes

Тактовый буфер, TQFN-32, 200 MHz, 4 Output
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Diodes Incorporated
Lead-free Green PI6CB33401 Very Low Power 4-Output PCIe Clock Buffer With On-Chip Termination Features Description
Î Î 3.3V supply voltage The PI6CB33401 is a 4-output very low power PCIe Gen1/Gen2/ Î Î HCSL input: 100MHz, also support 50MHz, 125MHz or Gen3/Gen4/Gen5 clock buffer. It takes a reference input to fanout 133.33MHz via SMBus four 100MHz low power differential HCSL outputs with on-chip terminations. The on-chip termination can save 16 external resis- Î Î 4 differential low power HCSL outputs with on-chip termination tors and make layout easier. Individual OE pin for each output provides easier power management. Î Î Default ZOUT = 100Ω Î Î Spread spectrum tolerant It uses Diodes proprietary PLL design to achieve very low jitter Î Î Individual output enable that meets PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3/Gen4/Gen5 requirements. Other than PCIe 100MHz support, this device also support Eth- Î Î Programmable Slew rate and output amplitude for each output ernet application with 50MHz, 125MHz and 133.33MHz via Î Î Differential outputs blocked until PLL is locked SMBus. It provides various options such as different slew rate and Î Î Strapping pins or SMBus for configuration amplitude through SMBUS so that users can configure the de- Î Î Differential output-to-output skew <50ps vice easily to get the optimized performance for their individual boards. Î Î Very low jitter outputs Î  Differential cycle-to-cycle jitter <50ps Î  PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3/Gen4/Gen5 CC compliant
Block Diagram
Î  PCIe Gen 2 and 3 SRiS and SRnS compliant OE[3:0]# Î Î Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant (Notes 1 & 2) Q3 Î Î Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device (Note 3) Q2 Î Î For automotive applications requiring specific change control IN+ PLL (i.e. parts qualified to AEC-Q100/101/200, PPAP capable, IN- Q1 and manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities), please contact us or your local Diodes representative. Q0 SCLK SDATA SADR_TRI CTRL BW_SEL_TRI Î Î Packaging (Pb-free & Green): 32-lead 5×5mm TQFN LOGIC PD#
1. No purposely added lead. Fully EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) & 2015/863/EU (RoHS 3) compliant. 2. See for more information about Diodes Incorporated’s definitions of Halogen- and Antimony-free, "Green" and Lead-free. 3. Halogen- and Antimony-free "Green” products are defined as those which contain <900ppm bromine, <900ppm chlorine (<1500ppm total Br + Cl) and <1000ppm antimony compounds. PI6CB33401 January 2020 Document Number DS41292 Rev 5-2 1 Diodes Incorporated
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