Datasheet LT8645S-2 (Analog Devices)

ПроизводительAnalog Devices
Описание65V, 8A Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher with 2.5µA Quiescent Current
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FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. Silent Switcher® Architecture. Ultralow EMI Emissions. Optional Spread Spectrum Modulation

Datasheet LT8645S-2 Analog Devices

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LT8645S-2 65V, 8A Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher with 2.5µA Quiescent Current
Silent Switcher® Architecture
The LT®8645S-2 synchronous step-down regulator features n
Ultralow EMI Emissions
Silent Switcher architecture designed to minimize EMI n
Optional Spread Spectrum Modulation
emissions while delivering high efficiency at high switch- n
High Efficiency at High Frequency
ing frequencies. This performance makes the LT8645S-2 n
Up to 95% Efficiency at 1MHz, 12VIN to 5VOUT
ideal for noise sensitive applications and environments. n
Up to 94% Efficiency at 2MHz, 12VIN to 5VOUT
The fast, clean, low-overshoot switching edges enable n
Wide Input Voltage Range: 3.4V to 65V
high efficiency operation even at high switching frequen- n
Ultralow Quiescent Current Burst Mode Operation
cies, leading to a small overall solution size. Peak current n
2.5μA IQ Regulating 12VIN to 3.3VOUT
mode control with a 40ns minimum on-time allows high n
Output Ripple < 10mVP-P
step-down ratios even at high switching frequencies. n Fast Minimum Switch On-Time: 40ns n Low Dropout Under All Conditions: 60mV at 1A Burst Mode® operation enables ultralow standby current n Adjustable and Synchronizable: 200kHz to 2.2MHz consumption, pulse-skipping mode allows full switching n Peak Current Mode Operation frequency at lower output loads, or spread spectrum n Output Soft-Start and Tracking operation can further reduce EMI emissions. n Small 32-Lead 6mm × 4mm LQFN Package
AEC-Q100 Qualification In Progress LT8645S* Yes Internal No LT8646S* Yes External No
LT8645S-2 No Internal Yes n Automotive and Industrial Supplies *See LT8645S/LT8646S Datasheet n General Purpose Step-Down n GSM Power Supplies All registered trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Protected by U.S. patents, including 8823345.
TYPICAL APPLICATION 5V 8A Step-Down Converter 12VIN to 5VOUT Efficiency
VIN 5.5V TO 65V 100 4.0 4.7µF V EN/UV 3.5 IN VIN 95 0.47µF 0.47µF 90 EFFICIENCY 3.0 GND GND POWER LOSS (W) LT8645S-2 85 2.5 BST 0.1µF 2.2µH VOUT 80 2.0 SW 5V BIAS 8A 75 1.5 EFFICIENCY (%) POWER LOSS INTVCC 2.2pF 1M 70 1.0 1µF RT FB 100µF 65 1MHz, L = 2.2µH 0.5 41.2k GND 243k 2MHz, L = 1µH 60 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 f LOAD CURRENT (A) 8645S-2 TA01a SW = 1MHz 8645S-2 TA01b Rev 0 Document Feedback For more information 1 Document Outline Features Applications Typical Application Description Absolute Maximum Ratings Order Information Pin Configuration Typical Performance Characteristics Pin Functions Block Diagram Operation Applications Information Package Description Typical Applications Related Parts