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ОписаниеHigh-Sensitivity Light-to-Voltage Converter
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TSL257. High-Sensitivity Light-to-Voltage Converter. General Description. Key Benefits & Features

Datasheet TSL257 AustriaMicroSystems

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TSL257 High-Sensitivity Light-to-Voltage Converter
The TSL257 is a high-sensitivity low-noise light-to-voltage
General Description
optical converter that combines a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier on a single monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. Output voltage is directly proportional to light intensity (irradiance) on the photodiode. The TSL257 has a transimpedance gain of 320MΩ. The device has improved offset voltage stability and low power consumption and is supplied in a 3-lead clear plastic sidelooker package with an integral lens. When supplied in the lead (Pb) free package, the device is RoHS compliant. Ordering Information and Content Guide appear at end of datasheet.
Key Benefits & Features
The benefits and features of TSL257, High-Sensitivity Light-to-Voltage Converter are listed below:
Figure 1: Added Value of Using TSL257 Benefits Features
Enables Extremely Fast Response to Change

Single Photo-Diode and Trans Impedance Architecture

Enables Fast Response to Visible Light in

160μs Output Rise-Time Response Range of 400nm to 700nm Wavelengths

Provides for High Sensitivity to Detect a Small

High Irradiance Responsivity: Change in Light Typically 1.68V/(μW/cm2) at λp = 645nm

Provides Additional Sensitivity Advantages

2x Gain Lens

Provides Full Dynamic Range

Rail-To-Rail Output Swing

Converts Light Intensity to Output Voltage

Monolithic Silicon IC Containing Photodiode, Operational Amplifier, and Feedback Components

High Sensitivity

Single Voltage Supply Operation (2.7V to 5.5V)

Low Noise (200μVrms Typ to 1kHz)

High Power-Supply Rejection (35dB at 1kHz)

Compact 3-Leaded Plastic Package

RoHS Compliant (-LF Package Only)
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